Monday, March 23, 2015

Goldblum Fest: Personality Typing the INTP x ISFJ using Jurassic Park

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This post from Funky MBTI Fiction just seemed entirely too fortuitous for me to overlook. With permission, I'm sharing it with you. The mod of the above tumblr board is responding to someone wanting an example of an INTP and an ISFJ contrasted with one another in the same setting. Jurassic Park provides the ideal film base since Ellie is an ISFJ and Malcolm is an INTP. Enjoy!

Have you seen Jurassic Park?

Ellie is an ISFJ… Ian Malcom is an INTP.

Ti users… think… think… think… never stop thinking. Ian does that all the time. More than Ellie, though considering the extreme circumstances, she’s able to stay calm in an intense life or death situation.

Before Ian even reaches the island, he’s analyzing the possibilities of what might happen as a result of bringing a million year old extinct species back to life. He’s already ticking Hammond off long before he sees an actual dinosaur, because he is bringing up all the logical fallacies of … everything. The potential flaws in the park, in what this research is all about, in the effects it will have on life as humans know it. Ian can see the broad, sweeping implications of this research… how it branches out into other scientific realms, its religious and social implications, how it might impact the surrounding islands, etc. EVOLUTION FINDS A WAY, AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE SCREWING WITH IT. He’s thinking on an enormous scale and concluding that THIS IS A DUMB IDEA. Remember, if Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists. =P

To read more, which I highly recommend you do, go HERE.

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