Monday, March 31, 2014

The Sunflower Blogger Award (Part 2)

It seems that I've been nominated yet again for this award! Thanks very much to sweet Ruby for the nomination. I hope you head on over to her blog and read her answers to the questions posed by those who nominated her.

The Rules:

  • Share 11 facts about yourself. 
  • Answer the questions set by your Nomination Blogger 
  • Nominate 11 bloggers. 
  • Set questions for the nominated bloggers.
 (Yet again, I won't nominate anyone for the award since I love all the blogs I follow and I hate to narrow them down)

11 Facts about Me:
  • I have a thing for shortish, stocky men like Martin Freeman, Seamus Deaver, Jensen Ackles, and Jeremy Renner. My best friend can attest to it.
  • I met Michael Buble live and in person at his last concert! Fan-club prize passes are AWESOME!
  • I never wear mis-matched pajamas, ever.
  • My toenails and fingernails almost never match in the polish department.
  • I'm a total Kevin Ryan fan on Castle. As soon as he started wearing those three-piece suits, I started paying attention and now I adore him.
  • I listen to James Darren music while performing data entry at work. I commend those of you who know who he is.
  • I'm a cat person.
  • Disneyland is my favorite vacation spot.
  • I've seen Phantom of the Opera on tour twice, LOVE IT!
  • Mint green and shrimp are two of my favorite colors.
  • I dream of someday running a literary themed bed and breakfast with rooms dedicated to The Great Gatsby, Romeo & Juliet, The Lord of the Rings, Gone with the Wind, etc.

Questions from Ruby:

Is there a fictional book you think everyone should read at least once?

I would say A Lesson before Dying by Ernest Gaines. I read it for college a few years back and it made a lasting impression about racism, sort of like To Kill a Mockingbird. It's brilliant and everyone should read it.

Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley?

I would pick none of Austen's heroes, but if I had to narrow it down, probably Mr. Knightley. Although I give more credit to Jeremy Northam's portrayal than to the actual character. I've yet to hate Northam in anything, even when he plays the villain. Like in The Net with Sandra Bullock. Yum.

What would your dream car be?

 A black 1967 Chevy Impala in pristine condition just like the Metallicar that my boys own in Supernatural.

Dude, that car is freakin' awesome!

Would you rather wear your hair in a bun or a braid?

My hair is baby fine so it always escapes a bun and looks entirely too messy. So I'm a braids girl by necessity, not by choice. Although a bun with a braid never hurts.

What is your least favorite movie (or miniseries) of all time?

Hah, that's a tough one. I pretty much hate Labyrinth and Willow, but I think the new winner in this category is the 1984 version of Dune. It's just gross. Love Paul, the hero, but it's disjointed and when it is cohesive there's a slobbery fat guy with homosexual tendencies pulling heart plugs out of his male servants so he can get aroused watching them die. Top that off with the rock star Sting playing the fat guy's nephew and very nearly stepping nude out of a shower and you've got a recipe for disaster. It's horrible so don't ever watch it, ever. 

What movie do you think is the most underrated?  Most overrated?

Well, let's see. The most underrated movie for me is the 1939 Pride & Prejudice with Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson. I love it. I think the hearts of all the cast and the crew were in the right place, and I couldn't care less that the costumes are off by 20 years. A lot of Austen's books were published years after she originally wrote them so she never imagined the clothing in the Regency era either. So I don't care one whit about those who dislike the costuming because I think it's darling.

And the most overrated is not a movie but a miniseries, Downton Abbey. I watch it with my parents because they love it and I do find it fascinating, but it's not worth all this muss and fuss. Drama and tragedy is thrown in just to keep things moving and that's not fair to the fans or the characters. So, yes, at the risk of sacrilege, Downton Abbey is totally overrated.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbatch introverts?

Are Daniel and Benedict introverts?

Why are people asking me if Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig are introverts? So funny!

To hazard a guess, I would say yes to Daniel Craig, at least, he's a very strong Se/Ni user. With that focused stare he couldn't be anything else. So, if those are his top functions, the order in which they place determine what he is, either an extrovert or an introvert. But again, I don't know.

As for Benedict, no, I don't think he's an introvert, plus he is probably a Fe user because of the facial expressions he throws out there for the camera and the way he can react to anything and everything in the blink of an eye. Plus, whenever you see him, he seems to have boundless energy. So, no, probably not an introvert.

Charity, if you care to hazard a guess on their personality types specifically, be my guest! *smiles*

Monday, March 17, 2014

LoVe - Veronica Mars: The Movie (2014)

Well, Veronica Mars fans, the movie is awesome. One of my friends and I hit the high road this afternoon after church, driving 50 minutes to reach a theater playing Veronica Mars. And do you know the main reason why we went? In the hopes that the movie would finally give us both the ending we wanted!

This entire movie is LoVe themed (for the uninformed that's Logan/Veronica). She's had many boyfriends over the years, but the backbone of the entire show was always the chemistry between Logan and Veronica. So, for those few Duncan fans out there, you're out of luck. He's not in this movie at all, not even mentioned, and I don't miss him one wee little bit. Duncan was one of the most boring male leads ever to be written into a television show so I'm happy to have an entire hour and forty-eight minutes without him. Piz fans (seriously, who named this guy!?), you're out of luck too. Not that I ever disliked Piz, I just never cared one way or the other. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but let's be honest, V doesn't stay with good guys for very long.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Veronica Mars is back!

I discovered Veronica Mars after the fact, probably in 2008 if memory serves me right, just as the show ended in flames of glory. I feel for the pain of the fans because I've been there, done that with Moonlight. I remember sending out postcards, emailing and calling networks, hoping against hope that someone would pick up the coolest vampire show in the history of television. Alas, it was not meant to be, and Moonlight fans are left with only our fond memories and the all-too short 1st season of 16 episodes. I suppose I should be grateful since not even Firefly, another fantastic show, had that many episodes. The Unusuals with Jeremy Renner was cursed with only 10, so 16 episodes feels like a winner.

But enough about my fandoms and on to the one fandom that is actually getting a second chance. The Veronica Mars fans, or Marshmallows as they've termed themselves, have done something remarkable. In a massive Kickstarter campaign that could revolutionize the film industry, the Marshmallows raised a whopping 5.7 million dollars to fund the Veronica Mars movie. I know, in terms of real money, 5.7 million is chump change, but with the show's director and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) backing the project 110%, the impossible became reality. And the fans have their movie.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Charity Bishop's "I, Claudia" in Kindle format is free this week on Amazon!

Hello to my faithful readers! This week I've got great news for you!

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett recently released the incredibly moving film Son of God in theaters everywhere. Seriously, it's probably in a theater near you, and if it is, you need to go see it. Mark and Roma have pledged a multi-million dollar fundraiser for Compassion International whose tagline is, "Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name." It doesn't get much better than that.

My own little plug aside, Charity Bishop, a long-time friend of mine and self-published author, is offering her book, I, Claudia, absolutely free in KINDLE format on Amazon. This is a special promotion that ends on March 15th so you have limited time to take her up on the offer!

For those of you unfamiliar with Claudia, she is the wife of Pontius Pilate, the man who ultimately washed his hands of Jesus' fate, thereby condemning him to death. This is Claudia's story as you have never read it before, and will never read it again.

Let's be honest, guys. It's tough being a self-published author! This is a fantastic book and it deserves a little added attention. You can't go wrong with a free Kindle download. So please, head on over to I, Claudia's page on Amazon and click the little button. Make me happy!

If it all possible, even consider adding a review to Amazon for the book. Goodreads is another great option to give a book a little extra push to get it in the public sphere. I loved it, and I hope you'll love it too!

Also, I reviewed I, Claudia several months ago when Charity first released it. So, if you like, check out MY REVIEW!

The promotion ends 3/15 so get your copy now!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hamlette's Soliloquy: "Ivanhoe" (1982)

All right, darlings, please make sure to read Hamlette's review of Ivanhoe starring Anthony Andrews. It is the official final post for the Anthony Andrews Blog Hop in February, and she absolutely loved the film just like the majority of people who see it. Enjoy!

Hamlette's Soliloquy: "Ivanhoe" (1982): I was so excited when I won a copy of this on Musings of an Introvert !  I'd only seen the 1952 version before, and it rather... lacks...

The Sunflower Blogger Award

I was actually nominated twice for this award, which is quite amazing and I'm truly honored! So, thanks goes to Anna at A Cowgirl and a Dream and Hamlette at The Edge of the Precipice and Hamlette's Soliloquy. I'm only going to answer the questions, not nominate anyone. :)

The rules:
  1. Share 11 facts about yourself. 
  2. Answer the questions set by your Nomination Blogger 
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers. 
  4. Set questions for the nominated bloggers.
So here are my 11 facts:

1. I was homeschooled through high school.
2. My family sold spices and jewelry at fairs and festivals as an income up until I was 8-years-old, traveling around the west and midwest.
3. I collect salt and pepper shakers.
4. My family has been accused ( ? ) of being British due to the way we drink afternoon tea.
5. I'm a cat lover.
6. I only have one sibling, my sister Caitlin.
7. I work for Compassion International as of last week.
8. Brideshead Revisited is one of my favorite books.
9. Sherlock is one of my favorite shows on television.
10. I don't have a huge shoe collection, but I have more purses than I can ever use.
11. I change my nail polish color every week.

My Answers for Hamlette

If you had to spend the rest of your life in a different century of Earth's past, where would you spend it?

Probably in the twentieth century. I love the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s so that seems like a pretty good option. Plus I would get to see Laurence Olivier play Romeo on the stage!

What's your favorite salad dressing?

Umm, probably Newman's Caesar dressing. It has a lovely kick to it!

What's the worst movie (that you liked least) you saw in 2013?

That has to be The Lone Ranger. Sorry, Rachel!

Do you paint your toenails?

Yes, but mostly in the summer when I'll wear sandals. Less now because I have to wear dress shoes at work.

What are your three favorite TV shows?

Sherlock, Castle, and The Originals.

Are there any books or movies you own more than one copy of?  If so, what are they?

I own three copies of The Lord of the Rings in book form. One that's a boxed set, one that's all wrinkled and gnarly because it was my first set, and one incredibly heavy book that's illustrated by Alan Lee. I also own an e-book copy of Cornelia Funke's Fearless along with the physical book. I own more than one adaptation of certain movies like Pride & Prejudice, but not more than one copy of the same movie.

My Answers for Anna

Dogs or cats?

Cats all the way.  Although I don't hate dogs, I just prefer cats.

Eponine or Cosette?

Mmm, neither really.  I'm not that big of a Les Mis fan.

What is your favorite kind of cultural food? (Chinese, Mexican, Italian)

Ooh, definitely Mexican. Although I love Chinese too, it's just that I adore enchiladas!

One dream role on Broadway? (yes one!)

Mmm, possibly Mrs. Fairfax in the no-longer-playing Jane Eyre that is absolutely brilliant.

"One Day More" or "Do You Hear The People Sing?"

Neither because I don't recognize the titles.

"The Phantom of the Opera" or "Love Never Dies"?

Phantom, hands down!

Favorite Book?

There are many, but Fahrenheit 451, The Lord of the Rings, and just about anything written by Cornelia Funke make that list.

What would your ideal first date be?

Since I've never been on a date, I have no clue. I don't see anything wrong with going to dinner and maybe seeing a movie.

Where do you find the most beauty of God's creation? (sky, trees, your own home, etc.)

For me, it's the power of the ocean. Some people are moved by mountains, but I have always found the ocean to be the greatest reminder of God's power and the glory of His creation. That's what comes of living in Oregon for 6 years. :)

Iced tea or lemonade?

Probably iced tea, although I like both.

Who are some of your favorite blogger friends?
Tops is, of course, my best friend Charity at Confessions of an INTP. Then there's Hamlette over at The Edge of the Precipice and Jody over at Author, Jody Hedlund. I also follow Lizzie at His Redeemed Child and Birdie at Lady of the Manor. I also have lovely friends who post on my blog, but don't necessarily have blogs of their own.
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