On Daniel Lissing leaving "When Calls the Heart"

Saturday, April 28, 2018

photo credit: Hallmark Channel

In the words of Dan Lissing, It's going to be alright."

Grieving the death of Mountie Jack is normal. 

Shedding tears and feeling your heart break is normal.

When Calls the Heart is a unique experience with a unique fanbase because the fans, the cast, and the crew feel like family. So I get it. I loved Mountie Jack too, and Lori Loughlin is right in saying that the only way Jack would leave Elizabeth is through death. 

And because the Hearties and the cast of When Calls the Heart are such an amazing family, I hope that we'll pull together during this transition instead of fracturing. 

This is Dan's decision to leave.

We don't know why other than it's a personal reason. And that's okay too. There's always been a mutual respect between the cast and the Hearties and now, more than any other time, we need to be disciplined enough to see that we, as Hearties, continue extending that respect to everyone involved in the show. 

This isn't anyone's fault and it's not a decision born out of spite and malicious intent. Just as we do for friends and family, we need to extend grace to When Calls the Heart.

I'm not saying we need to stop being disappointed or stop grieving Jack's loss. We all have very genuine reasons for feeling the way we do. But after 5 wonderful years, let's give the show another chance and continue looking forward with hope towards its future.

We will all miss Dan. He was an integral part of Hope Valley and his leaving is a tremendous loss. But let's send him off in true Heartie fashion with all our love and affection so he can look back with nothing but good memories of the Hearties an his time on When Calls the Heart.

As one final note, let us also remember to be kind to one another. Arguing over whether to stay with or leave the show serves no purpose. All it does is divide us in a negative way. If any of us feel called to move on to a different fandom, let us do so with dignity and grace. And for those of us staying, may we enter into an excitement and anticipation for season 6.

Blessings to all the Hearties, the cast, and the crew, and especially to Papa Heartie whose love for the show and the fans has always been so self-evident.

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