The Classics Club Spin Results

The spin # is 14 and I have until January 30, 2021 to read Phantastes: A Faerie Romance  by George MacDonald. I've never read this one before so I'm quite excited about it! Happy reading to all the participants!

Book Review: The Number of Love by Roseanna M. White (2019)

The Number of Love Series : The Codebreakers #1 Author : Roseanna M. White Year : 2019 My Rating :    ★ ★ Goodreads | Amazon Official Synopsis Three years into the Great War, England's greatest asset is their intelligence network--field agents risking their lives to gather information, and codebreakers able to crack every German telegram. Margot De Wilde thrives in the environment of the secretive Room 40, where she spends her days deciphering intercepted messages. But when her world is turned upside down by an unexpected loss, for the first time in her life numbers aren't enough. Drake Elton returns wounded from the field, followed by an enemy who just won't give up. He's smitten quickly by the intelligent Margot, but how can he convince a girl who lives entirely in her mind that sometimes life's answers lie in the heart? Amid biological warfare, encrypted letters, and a German spy who wants to destroy not just them but others they love, Margot and Drake will have

Book Review: The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill (2018)

The Lost Girl of Astor Street Author : Stephanie Morrill Genre : Christian Historic Year : 2018 My Rating :  ★   ★   ★   ★   Goodreads | Amazon Official Synopsis  Lydia has vanished. Lydia, who’s never broken any rules, except falling in love with the wrong boy. Lydia, who’s been Piper’s best friend since they were children. Lydia, who never even said good-bye. Convinced the police are looking in all the wrong places, eighteen-year-old Piper Sail begins her own investigation in an attempt to solve the mystery of Lydia’s disappearance. With the reluctant help of a handsome young detective, Piper goes searching for answers in the dark underbelly of 1924 Chicago, determined to find Lydia at any cost. When Piper discovers those answers might stem from the corruption strangling the city—and quite possibly lead back to the doors of her affluent neighborhood—she must decide how deep she’s willing to dig, how much she should reveal, and if she’s willing to risk her life of privilege for the s

Afternoon Tea in Epcot's United Kingdom (Disney World)

  In January 2019, my sister and I celebrated our milestone and half-milestone birthdays at Disney World with a very dear friend of ours. Our second day in Orlando we spent in Epcot, which is AMAZING btw. Before we really even got started in the park, we headed to the United Kingdom located to the right almost as soon as you enter the World Showcase . There is a replica of the Hampton Court Palace, parts of it anyway. That was super fun. Beautiful little side-streets and charming, well-manicured greenery lined all of the UK, really making me feel like we were in England. We were there early before anything really opened up, but we had reservations for an experience. So once we took some photos and our reservation time was close, we headed over to join a queue of people at the Rose & Crown Pub  where we had signed up for a "tea experience." The above photo isn't mine but was borrowed from the Disney website. I missed taking one of the Rose & Crown  somehow. Oops!

Radio Theater: Lionel Barrymore and Orson Welles in A Christmas Carol (12/24/1939)

I wrote this blog post to participate in  The Sixth Annual Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon   hosted by  In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood .   A Christmas Carol Starring : Lionel Barrymore, Orson Welles, Everett Sloane, Frank Readick, Erskine Sanford, George Coulouris, Ray Collins, Georgia Backus, Bea Benaderet, and Edgar Barrier Aired : December 24, 1939 My Rating :  ★★★ ★ ★ In all the world, there is no story I love better than A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I collect different and unique print copies of the book, have watched countless versions so long as they preserve the spiritual and social message of Dickens, and have tracked down many different radio dramas and narrations performed throughout the years. But my favorite radio version, by far, aired on December 24th, 1939, and stars the superlative Lionel Barrymore in the role of Scrooge, with Orson Welles as the narrator. Go to my  Classic Hollywood  page to find all my Classic Hollywood reviews! There is a radiant nos

Classics Club Spin #25

This will be the first Classics Club spin I've done, so here we go. The spin number will be announced on 11/22 and then I have until January 30, 2021, to read whichever book correlates to the spin number of the club. These books are already listed on my Classics Club page as a part of my reading goals. #theclassicclub #ccspin Alcott, Louisa May:  Little Women  (1868) Bronte, Charlotte:  Villette  (1853) Christie: Agatha:  And Then There Were None  (1939) Conrad, Joseph:  Heart of Darkness  (1899) Dickens, Charles:  Bleak House  (1853) Du Maurier, Daphne:  My Cousin Rachel  (1951) Dumas, Alexandre:  The Count of Monte Cristo  (1844) Eliot, George:  Middlemarch  (1871) Fitzgerald, F. Scott:  Tender is the Night  (1934) Forester: C. S.:  The African Queen  (1935) Graham, Winston:  Ross Poldark  (1945)   Jackson, Shirley:  The Haunting of Hill House  (1959) Lewis, C.S.:  Surprised by Joy  (1955) MacDonald, George:  Phantastes: A Faerie Romance  (1905) Melville, Herman:  Moby Dick  (185

Movie Review: "Christmas Holiday" (1944) starring Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly

Christmas Holiday begins with Charles Mason (Dean Harens) just about ready to begin his holiday leave from the army. He's heading home to San Francisco to be married, but before he sets foot on the plane, he receives a telegram from his girl, telling him that she's terribly sorry but she's married someone else. Despite the shock, Charles keeps his plans, boards the plane, and when foul weather arises, finds himself landed unexpectedly in New Orleans. A man he meets randomly invites him out to a nightclub where he meets singer Jackie Lamont (Deanna Durbin). Over the course of their brief encounter of a few days, Jackie tells him her story, that of a woman who fell in love with and married a liar and a prolific gambler, Robert Mannette (Gene Kelly). And, as it turns out, a murderer. When Robert is caught red-handed (almost literally), he is sentenced to prison. His mother, Mrs. Mannette (Gale Sondergaard), is deeply devoted to her son, and his arrest crushes the hopes she ha