Thursday, June 23, 2022

Retro Family Lesson Time

It's so sad to me when "modern" women decide they're going to make judgement calls on women from the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. 

Like, on a picture where the husband is sitting in an armchair reading and she's vacuuming. I heard today a comment that he's sexist. WELL, looking at the illustration (which I don't have a copy of unfortunately), it's clearly from the 1940s. Which means he's worked all day and she's a stay-at-home wife and mother. So he's tired and he's resting after being the breadwinner all day and she probably even brought him his newspaper.

The person in the conversation I was privy to paid absolutely no attention to historic context.

Historic context DOES MATTER.

And I seriously disagree with folks thinking that we have the right to judge our ancestors based on our own modern ideals. If I were a stay-at-home wife and my husband had been working hard all day, yeah, I'd want to sit him down in the chair to rest for a bit after his workday. But normal families today usually have to have two incomes unlike the time of our grandparents where his salary was more than enough to provide for the family unit.

Lessons learned here would be to take the era into consideration and not immediately jump to the "oh, he must be sexist" mantra because you do not know the whole story just by looking at a vintage picture of a man reading while his wife vacuums.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

My Japanese Drama Reviews are moving!

Hi, friends! 

It was waaaaaaaaay past time for me to create a new blog for my Japanese obsession. You've all been so patient with me and I love you for it, but I know most of my readers are not interested in dramas from Japan. And that is TOTALLY fine. But I still want to write Japanese entertainment reviews, so making a new blog is the best option. 

You can find my new blog at the following link: Sakura Princess Drama Reviews

My gorgeous Yamapi from Buzzer Beat!

I do plan to leave the drama reviews that I've already written and published on here for a while until I get some traffic over at Sakura Princess and then I might move them. We'll see, but they do tend to get quite a bit of traffic on here so I might just leave them. I haven't decided yet.

But going forward, all of my Asian entertainment reviews will be over on Sakura Princess Drama Reviews.

SO, if you're interested, I hope you'll join me and follow my new blog. Share it with your friends if you know Japanese dramas are their thing. I just love Japan so very, very much, and I'm very excited about creating a new blog just for that platform.

I'm also picking up my F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode reviews over on my new blog as well. I do plan to talk Thai Lakorns over there too, at least a little bit. So I'll be moving the episode 1 and 2 reviews at some point and for those interested, when I get around to reviewing episode 3, that will be over on Sakura Princess Drama Reviews.

Wish me success in my new venture. I'm sticking with blogger since I know it well and didn't want to mess with Wordpress. We'll see how that goes!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Book Review: Fair as a Star by Mimi Matthews (2020)

Fair as a Star

Victorian Romantics: Book One

by Mimi Matthews



I've put off reading any of Mimi Matthews' books. It sometimes happens for me that when an author is surrounded by so much hype and enthusiasm, that I end up crushingly disappointed in their work. Thankfully, that is not the case with Fair as a Star.

She handles the topic of melancholy/clinical depression with a delicate and understanding hand. There is no cure for Beryl. There are ways to help treat the symptoms of her melancholy, but there will never be a cure, and it is not her fault that she suffers from melancholy nor is it a cry for attention. It simply is what it is and what she needs most is for someone to be understanding and compassionate during her low periods because they will happen her entire life.

That compassionate approach to clinical depression is what makes Mimi Matthews an absolute winner in my book. As someone who suffers from situational depression and has a family member who has suffered from clinical depression my entire life, I strongly relate to Beryl's story. It's hard to describe what depression feels like but emptiness is a good starting point like there is a vacuum or black hole into which all of the good things have fallen. Ms. Matthews captured that reality very well.

Why I'm rating only 4 stars instead of 5 is because I do feel that a few things were wrapped up too quickly. Like the ease of Beryl and Mark ending up together. Henry doesn't seem a very forgiving sort of person, so I was surprised at how forgiving he was in the end. BUT, I probably do him a discourtesy. He's not a truly unpleasant man but has had to be pragmatic and ruthless in order to save the family farm, as it were. And while I like Mark immensely (he's a curate so of course, I like him), I do wish we'd had a chance to know him in a deeper way.

Beryl is wonderful and I love her hobby of whitework embroidery. I didn't even know that was a thing until this book and now I'm curious. My sister embroiders but I don't think she's ever done whitework.

Overall, an excellent novel with a little bit of a Sense and Sensibility vibe. I've read novels this short before, but unfortunately, the authors tend to chop their story so ruthlessly that there is no heart left. Thankfully, that's not the case here. I've already placed more of Ms. Matthews' books on hold at my library and can hardly wait to give them a try. What I'm truly eager for, though, is the second book in this series.

Monday, June 6, 2022

When an "ISFJ" realizes they're truly an ISFP

Yamapi dancing at a party, which, yeah, of course I had to.

I retook the MBTI test associated with the 16 Personalities website, and here are the incredibly accurate and helpful results.

Okay, so there is nothing weirder than an ISFP spending more than a decade being mistyped as an ISFJ. These two personality types are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I actually thought I was just a crap ISFJ and spent so much time and effort for years trying to get better at being one. Turns out, I'M NOT ONE! I'm an ISFP, better known as the Adventurer, and oh my gosh, friends, it makes so much bloody sense!