Sunday, September 30, 2012

Major Crimes: Nightmares

Story: Major Crimes: Nightmares

Characters: Sharon & Rusty

Rating: K+ for angst/comfort

Summary: Rusty's sleep turns sour after facing his father and Sharon is awakened one night by his nightmares. Reminded of her own two sons, Sharon's compassion for Rusty's predicament grows, her mothering instinct resurfacing.

Moi: This was written because Major Crimes is becoming a huge part of my television life. I watch not only for the crimes they solve but also for the complex relationship between Sharon and Rusty. This idea came to me last night before bed and I had time to write it down today. I hope you are as touched by it as I was when I wrote it.

This takes place after 1.7 and depending on what happens with Rusty's dad in the next episode, may or may not apply to tv-verse.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Long time, no see

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I was almost a bit afraid to post about it on here. As if that would make the experience vanish. But it's been 15 days and the experience hasn't faded yet, so I guess it's okay to share now. Two Sundays ago, I was in church, listening to a guest pastor from Louisiana share his story. And the Lord broke my heart. For the last several years I was hardening myself against Him. I didn't want to follow His leading. I didn't even want to ask for His guidance just in case He sent me somewhere I didn't want to go. But very few Christians can keep a hard heart forever. God will find a way to break it and He found a chink in mine.

So I'm on a path of rededication. Which is as scary as all get-out. The world looks different now. My interraction with my family is different. I treat my coworkers differently. And in all honesty, I'd be really happy if I could just stay home with my family and go to church for the next few months. But I can't do that. Life has to carry on and I must go with it which means going to work and keeping engagements. It is weird, though. It's like learning an entirely new me. So despite being sick last week and I'll admit, whining a little bit, my interractions with the people around me is developing into something completely different. And it's not me. It's God. Believe me. He's doing a work in my life and for the first time, I'm letting Him. I'm asking Him.

So . . . hugs all around to my blogger friends!

God bless!