Saturday, January 6, 2018

Feeding the Inner Woman in 2018

Aye me, what a long week. 

While I love working for a non-profit, year end can be positively exhausting because that's when the final donations come pouring in. It's terrific that people give because they can use the giving for tax purposes, but still, why wait until the last day of the year? Now we're finishing up year end reconciliation which means processing everything from 2017 that might possibly be left. Still, that should be finished by the 10th and then I pray we can heave sighs of relief for at least a little while. The life of those in data entry.

The apartment hunting is currently on hold for a few months, which might actually mean I'll be buying a condo instead, which would be lovely. I'd prefer to buy rather than rent anyway. At least then your money is going to purchase something. My focus instead is to pour as much of my paycheck as physically possible into my savings account. By the time April rolls around my savings should be back to where I want it.

Do any of you make New Years resolutions?

I only ask because I rarely make them in the form of a physical list or anything. Instead I think of something I've been wanting to accomplish and for whatever reason simply haven't followed through on. It's never something that made it to a list of resolutions, like losing weight or exercising more or cleaning out the refrigerator every two weeks.

Instead it's just usually something that will end up doing my soul good. Or my spirit good, whichever word you prefer.

This year I have two things on this list that will do my inner woman good: read as much of C.S. Lewis' nonfiction as I can and read through the entire Bible (something I am ashamed to say that I have never done).

I'm starting my Lewis reading by actually listening to Focus on the Family's radio presentation of C.S. Lewis at War. For any bibliophiles or anglophiles out there, it stars Jeremy Northam (Mr. Knightley) as Lewis and he does a stupendous job portraying the great author and theologian.

Next I'll read The Problem of Pain, a little book that I anticipate will pack a lot of meat for my tired and careworn spirit. Then I'll just go on from there, maybe posting random thoughts on nourishing spirituality that I might find, or keeping them as little nuggets to myself. We'll see.

As for reading the Bible, I really don't think that needs much introduction. Except to say that I'm using the Charles Swindoll Bible Reading Plan. It starts me off in Genesis (reading several chapters a day) and the Psalms. They're weekly reading plans for 5 days so you have Saturday and Sunday off and I've made it one week so far. I do love reading the Old Testament if simply because these people remind me that God's followers have never been perfect.

May your new year be full of spiritual fruit and contentment. Books, knitting, and cat snuggling will be in my year along with anything the Lord might toss my way. As always, He will be faithful no matter what comes. Blessings!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thank goodness it's 2018!

I'm one step closer to renting an apartment. Caitlin and I are touring an apartment tomorrow at a complex that really interests us. My sister is a good judge of character and she feels the assistant manager is an honest and forthright woman. I admit that I liked her a lot too. Not that she couldn't turn out to be a Patrick Jane in disguise, but still, the chances of that are really slim.

One potential hiccup to our plans to move right away is my car. It had some, shall we say, issues tonight. It's likely either the battery, battery terminals, or the alternator. None of which are very expensive, but there's always the possibility it's something bigger and therefore has larger charges attached to it. I'm praying for just a simple and easy fix. I'd hate to put off moving because I needed to pour $1,000 into my car unexpectedly.

Car troubles aside, it's been fun to plan a move with my sister. She's already bought 2 filing cabinets to house the family genealogy (she's the history major in the family), and now we're talking dining room suites and end table vs. coffee table for the living room. We already have most of the living room furniture already, thank goodness.

The only real thing I have my heart set on is hanging battery powered candles from the ceiling.

I know, it sounds crazy, but most Harry Potter fans are at least a little bit crazy. It comes with the territory. See, we hosted a Harry Potter dinner party back in May of last year and we hung candles from the ceiling over the dining room table. It was gorgeous, but only temporary. I'd like to have a much more permanent fixture in place. The apartment we're looking at tomorrow is all gung-ho about letting its residents hang stuff on the walls and the ceilings. That's another plus in my book.

It's just the 2nd day of 2018 and already I'm kind of wishing I were 2 more weeks into the new year. By then I'd either be moving into the apartment we're looking at tomorrow or we'd be looking at a different complex. I'd know what's going on with my car and either have it fixed already or in for repairs. My raise would have come into effect at work, and maybe, just maybe, the breakfast smoothies would be starting to have a slimming affect on my waistline.

But alas, no. Instead, I must wait. Why is it that waiting is always so darn hard? And it takes for bloody ever! Oh Lord, help me to cherish each moment as it comes. Every day is a day that I will never live again, ripe with possibilities to do Your good work. Help me to not get so worked up at moving forward that I stop seeing the forest for the trees. Amen.