Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Harry Potter Cooking - Pumpkin Pasties

A homemade niffler holding a pumpkin pastie baked from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Snow threatens Colorado mightily this midwinter. We're supposed to have a wet couple of months, as today will testify. It's a blessing that there's so much moisture pouring into the earth, but it also means that both mine and my sister's jobs often call snow days. For me, well, I have the ability to work from home so I'm expected to do that on snow days, for at least part of the day. But Caitlin's job is impossible to do from home so she gets the full snow day.

Book Cover of The Unofficial Harry Potter CookbookAnd when snow days happen in Colorado, my sister bakes. She loves to bake and cook anyway but working full-time usually means there's not a lot of leftover energy to pour into complicated baking projects.

Today she enjoyed herself. It was a day to watch some television, do some crafting, and spend time in the kitchen baking.

Since we just happen to have a copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and loads of freshly processed pumpkin our mother gave us, it was the perfect time for her to try the Pumpkin Pastie recipe.

It is truly DELISH!

As you can see, even her pet Niffler snitched a couple from the kitchen!

A homemade niffler holding a pumpkin pastie baked from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
Seriously, though, the recipe is perfect. The only deviation she made was using an egg wash which the recipe didn't call for, but helped brown up the pastry and crisp it just a bit. In fact, the recipe was such a hit that she decided to spend some time this year cooking out of this book. There are so many fantastic recipes that sound so yummy and it's exciting to think of trying them.

If you're a Potterhead and haven't browsed through The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook yet, I encourage you to pick one up.

Your local library has one; I guarantee it. Or, if the library is lapse in its collection of extra-curricular Potter books, then maybe a local bookstore. Trust me, it's well worth the hunt! And if you do track it down, give the Pumpkin Pasties a try - with an egg wash!