Major Crimes: Nightmares

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Story: Major Crimes: Nightmares

Characters: Sharon & Rusty

Rating: K+ for angst/comfort

Summary: Rusty's sleep turns sour after facing his father and Sharon is awakened one night by his nightmares. Reminded of her own two sons, Sharon's compassion for Rusty's predicament grows, her mothering instinct resurfacing.

Moi: This was written because Major Crimes is becoming a huge part of my television life. I watch not only for the crimes they solve but also for the complex relationship between Sharon and Rusty. This idea came to me last night before bed and I had time to write it down today. I hope you are as touched by it as I was when I wrote it.

This takes place after 1.7 and depending on what happens with Rusty's dad in the next episode, may or may not apply to tv-verse.

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  1. That was really very good, Carissa!

    Major Crimes is a huge part of my life too, now. I love it, and in part, I love it because of Sharon and Rusty.

    You'll probably be as happy as I am to see this:

  2. They're HUGGING! Was that supposed to be in an episode and they cut it? Or is it coming up? Oh, so sweet!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I felt inspired for some reason. I think my brain just needed a break from OT studies, LoL.

    1. Ooh, never mind. They're hugging in the episode on the 8th! Just so long as it doesn't mean he's leaving. So excited!

    2. It's nice to just stop and write about something besides what you're working on once in awhile. Oneshots are the best!

      Yeah, if it means Rusty's leaving, I'm not cool with that. =P


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