Monday, March 17, 2014

LoVe - Veronica Mars: The Movie (2014)

Well, Veronica Mars fans, the movie is awesome. One of my friends and I hit the high road this afternoon after church, driving 50 minutes to reach a theater playing Veronica Mars. And do you know the main reason why we went? In the hopes that the movie would finally give us both the ending we wanted!

This entire movie is LoVe themed (for the uninformed that's Logan/Veronica). She's had many boyfriends over the years, but the backbone of the entire show was always the chemistry between Logan and Veronica. So, for those few Duncan fans out there, you're out of luck. He's not in this movie at all, not even mentioned, and I don't miss him one wee little bit. Duncan was one of the most boring male leads ever to be written into a television show so I'm happy to have an entire hour and forty-eight minutes without him. Piz fans (seriously, who named this guy!?), you're out of luck too. Not that I ever disliked Piz, I just never cared one way or the other. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but let's be honest, V doesn't stay with good guys for very long.

And honestly, Piz irritated me in this movie. Veronica has gone to a fantastic university, is going to be accepted into a prestigious law firm, and has been emotionally stable for the 10 years since she left Neptune. He couldn't cut her a little slack? She's returned to Neptune to help out a friend who's been accused of murder! I mean, come on, Piz, what turned you into a jerk all of a sudden? Logan could go to prison for life over a murder he didn't commit and Veronica is literally his only hope. And Piz decides to break things off because V can't leave Neptune to meet his parents? And what about these parents? Have Piz and V been dating for 9 years? And he never introduced her to them before? Ok, yeah, that's perfectly healthy. So, nope, not a Piz fan.

Ahhh, the look of longing we know so well!

At least with Logan, we know what we're going to get. He's troubled, he's tough, he's sensitive, and he's occasionally violent (like the beating people up kind of violent). Yep, that's literally Logan in a nutshell. We know him. I know, I should dislike his violent tendencies. They're not healthy and he probably needs a shrink. But let's be honest here. V isn't necessarily the nicest person on the block either. She's mean and bitchy a lot of the time, but the fans like her anyway because she's genuine. Don't we all have a little meanness in us? If you think you don't then you're lying. I know myself well enough to recognize the bits of me that are very Veronica-esque. They're not pretty, but they're there.

Veronica and Logan have issues, and they probably always will. But the show was always about them. And when it left off the way it did, with no resolution regarding their relationship, it was like little daggers to the heart. Having that satisfying conclusion to their story really completes the show. At least, it does for every LoVe fan. I suspect that a ton of Duncan, and/or Piz fans are seriously ticked, but oh well. A lot of my favorite "ships" in tv never get off the ground so it's awesome having one finally work out in my favor!

So, thanks Kristen, for reprising your role as Veronica Mars. It was a blast, and it was great to see her return in a much-loved role! Also, loving Jason Dohring's look. He seriously rocks his Navy uniform and the foreplay scene with V and Logan is . . . well, let's just call it steamy without going too far. I wish more shows cut off where the movie did. So, yes, lots of sexual innuendo per the norm for this fandom, and I wish that Dick would just clobber himself unconscious with his surfboard, but we can't always get everything we want. I'd say this movie comes pretty darn close to a satisfying ending for Veronica Mars, and it even had a couple of freaky moments of fear. The old gang is back and I delighted in recognizing all of the familiar and delightful characters: Keith, Wallace, Mac, Weevil (LOVE WEEVIL), Leo, Cliff, and a boatload of others from Neptune High, even the old principal. It was literally a walk down memory lane, and I pretty much shake my head at anyone wanting to see this film without having seen the show. Sorry, folks, you'll be totally lost, dead in the water confused. As for me, I loved it, even though some of the innuendo was a bit over-the-top. I mean, they are out of high school now. Perhaps that type of innuendo could be left in the school lockers, but who am I to say?

One final note before I close: LoVe rules!


  1. "How could this happen? We put a deposit down! Who -- never mind." The scene with the school principle cracked me up. "Did you miss me?" UH NO.

    Veronica's weak spot has always been her irrational emotions... which is Logan's weak spot too. I like them together, because I like Logan -- even though I would never DATE Logan. I'm glad that his life is changing for the better, though. I like the fact that he's responsible and has a steady job; that he actually put his responsibilities (reporting for duty) ahead of his desires (staying with Veronica). And it'll probably help their relationship survive that he's not home six months at a time -- he won't crowd her emotionally and will be too busy to get bored and cheat on her.

    That being said -- I'm sorry, I have to defend Piz. I think he had every right to be annoyed that Veronica would sluff off his parents' expensive plane trip to NYC (specifically to meet her) just to help out an old boyfriend. Veronica has always been selfish and this was one of her more explicitly selfish actions. It was incredibly insensitive and rude to leave Piz to deal with his parents' excitement, disappointment, expense, etc. Veronica could have flown to NYC, kept her obligations, and come back to Neptune. Or she could have told them earlier that she wasn't coming, giving them time to postpone their flight. Piz is a good guy. He's stable. He's trustworthy. He's -- boring, and Veronica gets bored with boring. Their relationship was doomed from the start, because she's unstable and "changeable."

    1. Nope, I would never date Logan either. He is unstable and he can be very scary. In fact, the only guy out of the entire multitude that has been interested in Veronica that I would date is Leo. I LOVE him, so very much. Such a sweetheart!

      So, for V and Logan, it's a happy ending. They will have their ups and their downs, but they're both weirdly dysfunctional in the same way so they'll never fully disappoint each other like she disappoints Piz.

      It was so much fun watching the movie with Elizabeth! Loved it!

    2. ... uh, who was Leo? It's not ringing any bells! The cop? I haven't watched the series in over a year, so I can't remember half their names.

      Oh, I think they can disappoint one another plenty -- that's why she broke up with Logan in the first place. But for some reason, being with him makes her feel "safe," so I think whatever happens, they'll always drift back together.

      My parents haven't watched it yet. I know for a fact they're going to hate Veronica winding up with Logan -- they were rooting for Piz all the way. We had some interesting arguments about it, which were funny on one hand -- because I can't justify rationally my affection for LoVe. It's an irrational pairing built entirely of irrational preferences and sentiment, whereas Mom can outline a dozen reasons why Piz is the better choice. I can too. Doesn't make me want him with Veronica, though! (Maybe that's it -- maybe Piz is too good for Veronica! Yeah, let's go with that.)

      Glad you had fun. :)

    3. Yes, Leo was the very sweet cop that V really took advantage of in the 1st season. Quite cruelly, I might add. I always liked him, he was just so sweet. Although I just watched an episode of Castle where he killed people so who's to say my judgment is all that good. *winks*

      V and Logan might end up with one of those crazy marriages where they divorce and get back together again multiple times. Yikes, that is so not a lifestyle I would choose.

      We knew the ending had to be about LoVe. I know, logically, Piz is probably the better choice. But he's a horrible choice for her because she would be a bad choice for him. It just wouldn't work and V would go nuts with him over a long period of time.

      And you're right, there is no rationale we can use for Logan other than we, or least I, feel bad about his past experiences and the horrors he's endured. Plus, he's played by Jason Dohring. I think we both saw Moonlight first so we were totally ruined. There was no chance of us not liking Logan. That's why we rooted against Sam and Dean in that one episode where they went up against Jason's character. That never happens, unless we're talking Dohring. We're just partial to him, that's all there is to it. Your poor parents, what insanity they endure from us!

    4. The pizza cop. Got it. Yeah, he was nice. :)

      I doubt they'll get married. They'll just shack up for forever. But I do have a great uncle who married the same woman twice -- with a twenty year stretch and a different wife in-between, so who knows?!

      The funny thing is -- most of the cast prefers Piz! But the majority of fans love Logan! I guess the cast is smarter love-wise than most of the fans, who cling to an imaginary picture-perfect relationship between Logan and Veronica that doesn't really exist. We like our facade.

      Jason is terribly sweet, which shines through Logan's behavior in spite of the script. That probably has a good deal to do with his fan base. And yes, we saw Moonlight first -- and I introduced you to Logan with THAT EPISODE (their first kiss) first, to precondition you to like him so that you wouldn't hate him for the first half of the season while he was being a jerk. Wasn't I diabolical? Come to think of it, I did it with Lexana too. This is a pattern with me...

    5. Well, I know that Jason thinks Logan is a jerk, and he's right. The only softening that character has is because Jason played him that way. Probably not intentionally, but his niceness sneaked out once in awhile and the fans latched onto it.

      And yes, you are 100% responsible for my loving Logan. Not only did Logan call that FBI dude "Jumpstreet," but he also kissed Veronica in the very first episode I saw. It was all downhill from there! Ah well, when I show you stuff I try to pick episodes where you'll like the characters, too. It's in our nature to want our friends to like our chosen ship or fandom. ;)

    6. Yup.

      Stupid Fe. We can't just have our own opinions and assert them without caring if others disagree, like a Fi-user. We have to have OTHERS agree with us! =P

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Logan though I've always thought Piz was wonderful and like you, I did like Leo. (Their scene together in the movie was one of those "aww..." moments!) I don't dislike Veronica and Logan together (plus how he matured in the movie was great) but I don't know... he just wasn't "good" for her in the show. I saw an interview with Kristen Bell where she was asked if she thought Veronica made the right choice, she didn't say (because she always gets in "trouble" whenever she answers it) but she did make the comment that she doesn't think Veronica's choice was "final." Oh, dear. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the film, Carissa - I certainly did too and no matter the drama am rooting for a sequel.

    1. Yeah, the scene with Leo was so cute! He's such a nice guy and a part of me wishes that V had ended up with him. I love Logan, but Leo was very stable and I loved that about him. I think the problem with Veronica is that she doesn't want people who are "good" for her. She wants to bad boys. She wouldn't be friends with Weevil if she liked nice, solid men. So, I can see how Kristen would prefer Piz over Logan. I think even Jason would prefer V to end up with Piz. But the fans had their way.

      It will be interesting to see if they make a sequel. It was just lovely to have these characters back, even for just a few hours. Although I could have done without some of the innuendo. I mean, really, was all that necessary?!


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