Goldblum Fest: Hamlette's review of Silverado (1985)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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If there is one thing I love about Hamlette, it's her talent at making almost any movie review laugh-out-loud funny. This review is hilarity personified!

I really never know Goldblum had performed in a western, let alone with such actors as Kevin Costner and Kevin Kline. Now I have to watch Silverado and I suspect you'll feel the same after reading her review!

From Hamlette: Silverado (1985)

This, my friends, is one of my absolute favorite westerns.  Ever.  In my top ten list, I put it at number 6.  It's about some unlikely friends who, having only just met, work together to rid Silverado of a bunch of evildoers.  You can see why it appeals to me, right?  Got that whole "found family" thing going on, and also a couple sets of actual siblings.

 Also, I'm reviewing this especially for Carissa's Goldblum Fest, which runs through the 29th.  So I'll be spending a bit of extra time discussing Jeff Goldblum's role in this, giving him a few extra screenshots, etc.  And yeah, this is gonna be one of those screencap-happy posts.  Not nearly enough Silverado screenshots out there.

Silverado was written by brothers Lawrence and Mark Kasdan, and directed and produced by Lawrence Kasdan.  Basically, if my best friend and I ever wrote a western together, and we knew it was our one shot at getting our own cowboy movie made, this is what would happen.  We would cram every single thing we love about westerns into that one movie.  Showdowns, wagon trains, bar fights, beautiful scenery, farmer vs. rancher tension, gamblers, saloon girls, stampedes, everything.  The result?  A love letter to westerns, and a thoroughly satisfying movie.  Of course, having all those things in it does make it feel episodic, as we bop from one classic adventure to the next, but you know what?  I like episodic stories.


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  1. Hee! I'm glad you got such a kick out of it. I tried writing a super serious post about all the awesome themes in it that I love so much... but that took too long, and I had all these screencaps....


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