Goldblum Fest: From Charity - Zach Nichols, The ISTP Detective (Law and Order: CI)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Allow me to say just one thing . . . Zach Nicholas is AWESOME. Charity introduced me to him last weekend. Literally, the last detective I met that I loved this much is the canon Sherlock Holmes. Hmm, is it coincidence that both of them are ISTPs? I think not.

So, go to Charity's blog (link at bottom of post). Read. Enjoy. Learn. Revel in the gloriousness that is the ISTP detective.

Jeff Goldblum in Law and Order Criminal Intention

From Charity: Zach Nichols, The ISTP Detective

I first discovered Law and Order when I was still living with my parents. One afternoon, they started watching. Tried to interest me in it. Didn’t work. Then, I caved one afternoon, got hooked… and that was all, she wrote. I watched back to back episodes on TNT and new episodes on NBC for years. I started watching SVU once in awhile, and got hooked on Criminal Intent, too.

The introduction of Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) in the eighth season of the latter series was an interesting choice; I recognized him from Jurassic Park, but didn’t really care either way. I simply liked him as a detective; he was a great alternative to Bobby Goren, the intense, hyperactive detective more than willing to play “bad cop” … because Nichols was the quiet, introspective, analytical “good cop.” Put them in the same episode, there were fireworks set off by two distinctly different personalities, each with differing strengths … but most of the time, Nichols went head to head with villains of every stripe alongside one of his two female partners.

Naturally, at the time I knew nothing about personality typing … but now, I understand why I always did like Nichols: he’s the latest in a long line of ISTP characters that have won me over with their intelligence, flashes of insight, and laid-back approach to life. From sci-fi to crime drama, and including the book character of Sherlock Holmes, ISTPs showcase one of the more driven personalities … and none is a better example of healthy functional interaction than Nichols.

Please visit Charity's BLOG to read the entire post! It is well worth it!

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