Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Goldblum Fest: From Charity, Jurassic Park (A Lesson in Fatherhood)

I knew Charity was writing this post. We sort of mulled over ideas on the weekend and I do believe her lessons on fatherhood from Jurassic Park stem in part from bits of a few conversations we shared.

She's right. Yes, Ian's intellect is delightful, but there is so much more to him than merely his education, and I'm glad Charity delved deeper into his psyche. He loves his daughter, more than even he knew at first, and he flies out to dinosaur island in a desperate attempt to protect the girlfriend he loves so much who just rushes pellmell into danger. Ian Malcolm, intellect aside, is a great guy and a great dad. I think you'll also enjoy how Charity ties fatherly love into all three Jurassic Park movies, because all three exhibit that bond in one way or another.

From Charity: Jurassic Park (A Lesson in Fatherhood)

In a high pressure, intense situation… what would you do?

Airlines tell you, in the event of a disaster, to put on your own oxygen mask before attending to the mask of the person next to you. The implication is that in disastrous situations, many would be selfless. And, human beings have proven this time and again … rushing into burning buildings, flooding rivers, or flaming overturned vehicles to save people they have never even met before. Why do we do it? Maybe because it’s inborn in us, to want to help where we can; that those stronger must help those in need. Evolution can’t explain it. Survival of the fittest doesn’t come into play… when we’re protecting the weak.

The granddaddy of all “protect the weak” stories is the Jurassic Park franchise. It exploded onto the big screen around the same time I was fully fascinated with dinosaurs … and in some sense, cured me of my desire to be a “dinosaur doctor” … ie, to have Alan Grant’s job. It’s still one of my favorite franchises, despite being gruesome; and though I have seen it dozens of times, it still scares the hell out of me every time I watch it. Spielberg knows how to create suspense. When Carissa invited me to participate in Jeff Goldblum Fest, I realized it was the chance to talk about one of my favorite film franchises … but I had no particular angle with which to approach it. And then, re-watching the second film with her over the weekend, everything fell into place, the common theme woven throughout these stories of people being eaten because of one man’s desire to play God – family.

Please visit Charity's BLOG to read the entire post! It is well worth it!

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  1. These are fantastic movies. I'm hoping to find a book on the making of the franchise. Just finished reading one on the making of the Indiana Jones movies, and I love reading about Spielberg's works. I've always loved the "playing God" element in the movies. And you find them scary? I have to say that I found them middling. :D Then again, I don't get scared easily.

    1. They are probably middling scary, but still. People getting eaten is pretty nasty. :)

    2. I find them scary, yes. When something causes my stomach muscles to clench up despite having seen it about a hundred times, that, to me, indicates it is tapping into some primal fear of mine.

    3. Kind of like my insane fear of dying in outer space. Never gonna happen, but it's still there.


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