Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Regency Garden Party Celebration

In July 2018, my sister and I hosted a Regency Garden Party.

Both of us love hosting parties, I love Jane Austen, and our intimate circle of friends has always indulged us on this point. Now that we have our own place (my sister and I are roommates) it makes party hosting easier, but for the Regency Garden Party, my sweet parents loaned us their backyard. It made all the difference being able to play croquet and have afternoon tea on the lawn while making Regency bonnets in the house.

It was a sublime experience and I can't believe I never shared it on my blog. 

Tea Table Spread

Our spread of goodies set up under the canopy.

Fruit Cocktails with heavy whipping cream and twills

Delicious fruit cocktails with heavy whipping cream and twills.

pastel macarons purchased from Costco

Divine macarons purchased from Costco just for the occasion. I'm not brave enough to try my hand at making macarons, although maybe someday. I've seen enough baking shows with Australian baker Adriano Zumbo to be unnerved at the prospect of making my own macarons.

Lemon Tarts and homemade lemon scones

Lemon tarts and homemade scones, although now I can't remember what type of scones. I'm thinking they were probably your basic plain scone or maybe lemon, one of those two.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Yes, the bread is too thick for chicken salad sandwiches and we didn't cut up the filling small enough. Oh well, it was still delicious.

Gluten-free cookies from Sprouts

Delectable gluten-free cookies from Sprouts and more of the chicken salad sandwiches.

Blanched asparagus rolled in ham and cream and cheese

Blanched asparagus rolled in ham and cream cheese. Divine, but I would buy thinner ham next time and wrap fewer asparagus at a time.

mini quiche purchased from Costco

Two types of mini quiche also purchased from Costco. I'm thinking cheese and ham for the one and likely spinach for the other. Oh my memory, it's not what it used to be.

bouquet of flowers

A charming bouquet because flowers were an absolute must.

Regency ladies playing croquet

Playing croquet on the lawn. The grass was stunning that year!

Regency ladies playing a game of throwing a beribboned ring around a toy sheep

A basic and fun game of throwing a beribboned ring around a sheep. It was darling and the ladies had fun.

a Regency bonnet

One of the new bonnets made during the party.

a Regency bonnet

Another bonnet made during the party!

a Regency bonnet

Yet another bonnet made at the party.

Regency Ladies with fans, bonnets, and gowns

The six attendees and their new bonnets!

I would show closer up footage but I want to protect the identities of my friends. The next time we have a Regency Party I'll make sure to take more photos from the side back of people so I can post them. In this final picture, you can also sort of see all of the fabric we swathed inside the canopy. I can't believe I was remiss in taking close-up pictures of the party tent or the table set for tea. Good heavens, I must have been seriously distracted. At least I took pictures of the food! ♥

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  1. This is lovely, I love those Costco quiches, we've had them at lots of events. My sister made macarons one Easter recently, they are so cute.

    1. Thanks! Those quiches are delicious and they make an event so easy. Every little bit helps. Bravo to your sister for making macarons! Someday I will brave it!

  2. Oh my word, this looks so delightful! All the details are so perfect and charming. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! :)

    1. It was a marvelous day, that's for sure. We had such a fun time and I'm hoping maybe we can plan another one next year. Although perhaps not during the height of the summer months. I do recall that it was a tad on the toasty side!

  3. Oh my goodness - a girl after my own heart! I do so love JANE AUSTEN!!!!

    1. It was a fun day, that's for sure! The bonnets were an entertaining craft, and we just had a really great time. I need to make another dress at some point, though! And fix parts of this one since the skirt is too long and the bodice is close, but not quite, right.


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