Thursday, July 16, 2015

Liebster Award

I was nominated for this award by Hamlette over on Hamlette's Soliloquy, and got to this one a lot faster than the favorite actor's tag, so I'm proud of myself. Thanks, Hamlette!

Here are the rules when nominated for a Liebster:
 a) Answer the eleven questions of the tagger.
 b) Share eleven facts about yourself
 c) Nominate up to eleven other bloggers
 d) Ask those nominees 11 new questions

1.  Do you have a favorite mug or teacup?

Actually, I have so many that it's hard to pick just one. I have a gorgeous hand-painted set of teacups from Japan that I adore, and that set is probably my favorite. I'll try to take a photo of it when next I do a tea post.

2.  Are you an adventurous eater?  (Do you try "strange" foods?)

Not usually, but I did try Ethiopian food for the first time only a few weeks ago and really loved it. Very exotic and flavorful, lots of spices!

3.  What fandoms are you into?

Oh boy, there isn't enough time in the world for me to cover this and I would still forget some of them. The main ones are still The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Star Trek, but I also love Teen Wolf, When Calls the Heart, and a new miniseries called Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell based off a book by Susanna Clark. Seriously though, there are a ton of fandoms I love, far, far too many to mention.

4.  What famous author/book do you not really care for?

I'm really not fond of Hemingway, which is strange because I love Fitzgerald and you would think the two would be interchangeable.

Oh, and I've never really enjoyed Pride and Prejudice in book form. I enjoy film adaptations of it, but the book itself, not so much. Sacrilege of some sort, I'm sure.

5.  What obscure author/book are you nuts about?

I'm crazy over Cornelia Funke's Mirrorworld series! Most people know her because of Inkheart, and that series is excellent, but there's something about the Mirrorworld that just speaks to me.

6.  What's the oldest movie you've ever watched?

I've watched A Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès from 1902, a stunning silent French film that I absolutely love.

7.  What did you have for breakfast today?

Two sunny-side up eggs fried inside slices of orange bell pepper with melted cheese on top. Divine.

8.  When did you first see your favorite movie?

The Fellowship of the Ring, seen the day after Christmas 2001, in theaters, with my sweet father.

9.  Do you prefer fantasy or sci-fi?

I like both equally although I often find that very few sci-fi films live up to my standards.

10.  What did you expect your blog to be like when you started it? 

I think originally I thought my blog would be about my personal life, but to be honest, sharing too much about my personal life with total strangers makes me nervous, so I gravitated towards entertainment type posts instead, films and television especially. I didn't expect to ever have 48 followers though, so that's quite exciting.

11.  Has it changed?  If so, how?

Yes, it's changed a great deal. I'd never imagined I would write book reviews, yet here I am doing just that. I'm still not sure what I think of that side of my blog, to be honest. I also write, sometimes, about life as an ISFJ, and I'm not sure what I think of those posts either. It saddens me that they're always the top posts on my blog. I'd rather write something longer-lasting than simply advice on how to befriend an ISFJ when in reality, we're all different. No other ISFJ will be like me because they haven't had the same life experiences as me, which is awesome because that means, even with a personality type that millions of other people have, I'm still entirely unique.

11 Facts about Me
  1. I love attending the Colorado Renaissance Faire every year.
  2. And I go in full costume.
  3. I love the ocean more than the mountains.
  4. If I had the guts, I would quit my job tomorrow and take a driving tour of the country.
  5. I've seen Michael Bublé 3 times in concert.
  6. I'm tired of reading Christian romance.
  7. I would give anything for the Colorado skies to cease their hailstorms.
  8. A part of me never wants to leave home.
  9. Fandom t-shirts are my favorite, comfy attire when I don't have to impress people.
  10. I wish I didn't feel guilty about not liking everyone I know.
  11. And thankfully my faith is secure in Jesus Christ: my Redeemer, my Savior, and my Best Friend.
Now, I don't religiously follow a whole lot of blogs, so I can't nominate 11, but I will nominate those that I would love to see get a little more traffic and attention because I think they're awesome.

I gift the Liebster Award to the following 4 blogs:

A Shroud of Thoughts
Lady of the Manor
Idle Wanderings
His Redeemed Child

And finally, my questions to these terrific bloggers should they choose to participate:
  1. Where do you go to decompress from the world?
  2. If given $10,000, what would you do with it?
  3. What is one major renovation you would love to make on your house?
  4. What is one movie that you love and didn't expect to love?
  5. What is the oldest knick-knack you own and what is its sentimental value?
  6. Do you own any books you keep out of obligation, but actually hate?
  7. How many countries have you visited outside of the one you live in now?
  8. Have you ever read only part of a book, but claimed you've read the whole thing?
  9. Dry climate or humidity?
  10. Sherlock Holmes or John Watson and why?
  11. Why did you decide to start blogging?


  1. Fitzgerald and Hemingway are very different -- I like both, but not because they're similar. Fitzgerald is very elegant, and Hemingway is very bold. Hem thought Scott had more talent, but wasted it writing commercially viable stories. If I had ever somehow met them in real life, I'm pretty sure I'd be scared by Hemingway and able to talk to Fitzgerald.

    I love your questions! I actually do own a book out of obligation and secretly dislike it: a copy of Frankenstein that my lit professor/college advisor/mentor/friend gave to me at the end of one of the classes I took from her. I really don't care for that book at all, but she inscribed it to me, so I keep it anyway.

    1. That's a really good way to describe Fitzgerald and Hemingway. I really should force myself to read the latter again. I don't know, I just found Hemingway so terribly depressing, which is weird because Fitzgerald wasn't all light and roses either. I've heard Fitzgerald was approachable, plus I mean, I have seen Tom Hiddleston play Fitzgerald so that already a step in the right direction. 💘

      Ahh, Frankenstein. I read it three times, once for a library reading program and twice for two different college courses. I don't hate, but I don't love it either. I may read it again at some point, just to see if my opinion has at all changed.

    2. Not alllll of Hemingway is depressing. Just most of his novels and short stories. Lol! I don't find The Sun Also Rises depressing. And his magazine articles, especially the earlier ones, were often pretty funny. I have the collection of them called By-Line: Ernest Hemingway, and although I haven't finished reading it yet, I heartily recommend it. Helps that they're bite-sized!

  2. “a new miniseries called Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell based off a book by Susanna Clark…”


    How does your favorite movie STAY your favorite movie? Mine changes all the time. I never fall out of love with my favorites, but … I don’t know that I HAVE ONE favorite.

    “I wish I didn't feel guilty about not liking everyone I know.”

    HAHAHAHA. I wish I didn’t feel guilty about not liking perfectly nice people. Like, I ought to have REASONS for disliking them, right?

    1. For me, The Fellowship of the Ring was a life-altering experience. I had never seen anything like it before and when I sat in that theater with my father, I feel head over heels in love with it. That hasn't changed, despite all the movies I've liked, loved, and hated over the years since 2011. This one is an indelible part of who I am.

      Oh, I know what you mean about not liking perfectly nice people. They're fine, and other people like them, but they just rub me the wrong way, and I feel bad about that. It doesn't mean I don't pray for them or wish them well. I just don't want to be buddy buddy with them.

      And yes, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is amazing and I really wish the miniseries had experienced a better reception from Britain.

  3. Oh, "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell"! We had recorded a couple episodes on the DVR, but then they fell off before we got to watch it... I don't really know much about it at all, but I kind of wanted to at least try it, and now that I know you like it, I'm more interested! Is there anything magical/supernatural about it?

    I really liked Inkheart, I'm going to have to check out the Mirrorworld series!

    We've been to one Renaissance faire, and I loved it, but I wasn't in full costume, and I would love to do that sometime! Sounds like so much fun.

    A driving tour of the country also sounds incredible. I wish it were possible without quitting one's job... if we could just freeze normal life, go do whatever we'd want, and then come back without missing a day, that would be great. =P

    Thanks for the nomination, I'm honored, and look forward to answering your questions!

    1. Oh, yes, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is all about magic and magicians. Mr. Norrell is the last great magician in England who can actually practice magic, at least until Jonathan Strange comes along. The two are polar opposites in every respect, and now they're working for the government in an attempt to defeat Napoleon. You also several moments in a place called Lost Hope, which is the realm of the Faerie King who has no other name. He bargains with mortals and them tricks them into something they didn't anticipate, usually stealing them away to spend time dancing in his court. It's a fascinating and somewhat dark magical drama that is absolutely brilliant, but not for everyone. One episode, and I forget which one, does have a flash-back to a child birth on a slave ship and there is female nudity there, but that's the only time in the series there's any nudity and it's easily skipped.

      About Mirrorworld, it's quite a lot darker than Inkheart. Just forewarning you. It's an incredible series, but very psychologically scary, and deals with the darker side of fairy tales in a really convincing way.

      Ren Faires are amazing!

      I'm so excited to read your answers to my questions! :)

  4. Thanks so much for nominating me. I'll answer your questions on my blog soon.

    What a fancy breakfast you had, sounds lovely!

    Oh, I'm really curious as to your Renaissance fair costume!

    1. Well, I have a few photos from the Ren Faire this last weekend so I'm planning to post them here in a few days. We had so very much fun, even though it was 90 degrees. Bleh, broiling!

      And of course I was happy to nominate you. I do enjoy your blog so very much.

    2. Alright, looking forward to seeing it!

      Aw, thanks!


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