Friday, March 9, 2012

Piers Morgan & Kirk Cameron

It's happened again. Another Christian being forced into an opinion on homosexuality and then named an ignorant bigot. Only this time that Christian is Kirk Cameron and the brute is Piers Morgan and I'm having a really hard time dealing with it. Piers is brutal in his opinions of people and always has been. He's hard to watch on America's Got Talent! because of that very problem. He rarely has anything nice to say about anyone. But I honestly didn't think he would stoop this low.

 You know who Kirk Cameron is, right? The guy from the Left Behind movies who got his start in that sitcom Growing Pains? He's a good actor and his performance in Fireproof is applauded. But more than that, he's a staunch Christian who holds to his ideals. So what does Piers do? He has Kirk on his show for apparently the sole purpose of tearing him down. He literally forced an answer on homosexuality out of Kirk and then proceeded to make Kirk's opinion a federal case. Why is it that Piers and all the other supporters of homosexuality have the constitution behind them? But we people who dare disagree with them are called ignorant bigots and of the "extreme" religious right?

What I'm experiencing now is called righteous indignation. They don't care about our opinion. Our opinion is hateful to them. How dare we say that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God. Like I just did. Christians are bullied into silence because we're afraid of what people are going to say to us and of us. Why do we care about the opinions of others so much? I don't know. The only opinion that should matter to us is God's opinion.

You know, I have no control over homosexuality behind closed doors. People are going to sin. It's a fact of life and if they choose that lifestyle I will grieve but there is nothing I can do to prevent it. I don't hate and I don't terrorize. But I sure as heck don't have to agree with the actions of homosexuality. They don't agree with my religion, I, backed by biblical truth, don't agree with their sexual preference.

When are Christians going to say enough? When are we going to stop living in fear that what we say might offend someone. LET IT! Are we placed here on this earth to mollycoddle sinners? No, that's not our calling! Our calling is to reach out to the lost souls who will be eternally damned without Jesus. Is homosexual activity really worth going to hell over?

This grieves my heart. And it angers me because of the helplessness I feel in not being able to voice my opinion while homosexual supporters are given free reign. And I know that this post at some point will have haters on it. Oh well. I'm not apologizing for one word on here. What I will say is that God loves and wants to save every single, solitary soul on this earth. We, we people, are the ones who separate ourselves from Him. He never turns us away.

Send a letter of support to Kirk and his family HERE.


  1. Kirk was great in Fireproof! Wonderful movie. =) I did see a headline about this controversy but didn't read it. Until Fireproof, I didn't even know Kirk was a Christian. In reading about him, I discovered that the one kissing scene in the movie was actually with his wife because he refuses to do kissing scenes otherwise - awww... how sweet is that.

    1. Rissi, knowing that Kirk refuses to kiss anyone but his wife is the sweetest thing. You couldn't tell that it wasn't the actress, but knowing that kiss was with his wife made all the difference. I'm glad there are some Christian actors in Hollywood, even if it means that they'll be under fire more than most. We need them.

  2. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion... unless it comes from God. Christians are the scum of the earth to the world, but little do they know how vital we are to their survival. There are times I wish we could just back off and let them have God's wrath, but that's not what he asks us to do. He asks us to love our enemies. On days like this, it's hard.

    I'm proud of Kirk for standing up for what he believes. I'm not sure under that pressure I could do the same.

    1. Loving Piers Morgan is probably something I'm never going to be capable of doing, God forgive me. But I can and will pray for his soul because boy does he need it. Nowadays sinners just love to back Christians into a corner and force them to say something that the sinner has already decided they don't agree with. Piers already knew what Kirk's answer would be. He just wanted him to say it. Which is underhanded scheming that more people need to realize.

      Just . . . it's hard seeing brothers and sisters in Christ in the Hollywood field getting mud flung at them like this. It irks me.


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