Monday, February 13, 2012

A Day of Romance (not what you think)

Everyone who knows me intimately knows that I'm not much moved by Valentine's Day. That's not to say I'm not romantic but when  you don't yet have a sweetie of your own, it's not that impressive of a holiday. That said though, sometimes Valentine's Day has its good points. Such as last Saturday. The library district I work for has been trying hard to plan different and exciting events. I mean, we're having an anime prom for the teens in May and my library branch actually had a rave last year. A RAVE! But I never actually expected them to try something so radically different as planning an entire event about Christian romance! I know, it's mushy and gooey and saccharine sweet, but when did that become so wrong? Romance writing isn't for everyone, but it is for a lot of people and they certainly deserve to have books written for them. Sometimes it's not the ultimate outcome of a book that matters but the journey itself. I like seeing how the hero and heroine get together. Knowing they'll get together is superfluous to the journey.

That said, I spent 6 hours in a lovely meeting room in the 100+ year-old Carnegie library downtown, listening to panels of Christian romance writers speak and share their intimate thoughts on what it's like to write Christian romance. The snow flew outside the windows, but I didn't care because I felt so at home with that group of women. My sweet friend Lynn went with me, bless her, even though she doesn't read romance. In fact, whatever side of the brain romance is situated on, she's the opposite side. But that's okay because she went in support of me. I didn't want to walk into that room alone and I would have lost my nerve if I didn't have someone to almost literally shove me through the door.

You see, I'm a writer too. I'm not going to say I'm an author, because I'm not. An author is someone who is published. Who's had their books read by thousands and millions of people. That's not me. But I am a writer and proud of it. I even write Christian romance, light and fluffy though it may be. It's not easy to be a writer and not have any support. Sitting in that room, at a table with a sweet and kind published author, talking to her about her writing and realizing that anytime I want, I can join the writing group she's a member of, was astounding. It was as if I hadn't realized how much I needed to talk with published authors about someday being published myself. I didn't realize the importance of making that connection to someone else who loves books as much as I do.

Like I said, I'm not big on Valentine's Day. But this time I'm almost giddy in knowing that if it hadn't been for Valentine's Day I would have never met these women. It was a God-thing, being a part of something so magnificent on Saturday. I'm almost nervous knowing that one of these days I'll have to meet up with them again, show them some of my writing, get critiques from them, and, if it's God's will, join their world. I don't toot my own horn about my writing much anymore because no one else reads it. But I am still writing and now I know I don't want to give up. Maybe, just maybe, those writing courses from college are paying off after all. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, to you single ladies out there and to you married ones too! *hugs*


  1. That's lovely. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. =)

    1. I wish you could have been there! It would have been lovely to go with you, especially since you actually write. Lynn was fun to have with me, but she's not a romantic and she's not a writer so she didn't get as much out of it as you would have. I hope this becomes a yearly event.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH! That kitten is too cute, Carissa! Sweet pics.

    Best of luck with that writing. =)

    1. Yes, the kitten is very cute! What better day to use a kitten surrounding by pink frills than Valentine's Day. :)


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