Monday, February 27, 2012

Friends & The Godfather

I've been lolling around the house today, a complete sloth of utter contentment. Such a lovely experience and one I revel in because it doesn't happen very often. It's the end of my finals week which included a philosophy paper on theories of truth and an essay on Cranford which I enjoyed soooooo much. I could actually care less about my grades, or maybe it's just that I'm worn out and the nervous waiting hasn't set in yet. I'm hoping it's just trusting that God has the grades in control. Which is most likely what this relaxation means.

From Thursday thru Sunday I was in eastern Colorado visiting my very best friend. I'd originally planned coming home on Saturday but their road was a muddy mess and I liked staying another day. It meant going to her church, eating supper with her family, and giggling over Jacob in Eclipse like a couple of fangirls. Which we're not, you know, because we don't own Team Jacob shirts. Sherlock and John shirts, yes, Jacob shirts, no. *winks*

I learned that with a mere glance Al Pacino can freeze my blood. If you've seen The Godfather: Part Two then you know what I'm talking about. Those movies are amazingly, blindingly awesome by the way. I've never really given the mafia much thought before but watching those movies with my best friend really opened my eyes. It's such an intriguing world full of double standards. They're complicated and full of grey areas that arouse my curiosity. Perhaps I'll even write a post for Michael Corleone sometime in the future.

Oh, and I also learned that on snowy dirt roads, keep towards the center rather then the side. Before I knew it, my car had slithered right into the ditch with snow halfway up the wheels and no amount of shoveling and kitty litter could encourage me to move. Naturally God sent me a man in a truck with a "Real Men Love Jesus" bumper sticker on the back. Well, He actually sent me three men, one with the bumper sticker, another with a kind heart, and a third with a kind heart and the tow rope we needed to actually move my car. Within 15 minutes of getting stuck I was on my way again and made it to Charity's house without anymore trouble. God was good and I learned to be extra cautious when dealing with snow on dirt roads.

The best thing, though, was just spending time together. It's not about the movies or the chocolate chip cookies (which were awesome!) or drinking Dr Pepper. It's about being together and talking until your voices are sore and you're totally exhausted yet at the same time fulfilled. Being an ISFJ, I'm the type who's content with only a few close friends. Actually, that's what we prefer even with a wide circle of acquaintances. I'm never happier then when I'm spending time with the closest friends I have, just relaxing and knowing I'm with someone who knows me completely, bad and good, and still likes me anyway. Being genuine with someone is the best thing we can do in life and I hope everyone makes that effort of sincerity with their friends.

So, while I came home totally drained, I also came home spiritually and emotionally fulfilled and so happy. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given us. Remember to value it! *hugs*

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  1. This post pretty much covers how I have felt ever since our visit. Tired, but also spiritually and emotionally full. I've also been astoundingly productive ever since -- I finished 12 summaries for LotR yesterday, which is the biggest chunk in one day since I started this project. So taking time off, and spending it with my best friend, is an awesome thing.

    Mmm, The Godfather. So much to say, so little motivation. ;)

    1. YEAH! Anything that has you writing LOTR summaries makes me happy. *grins*

      I guess I shouldn't say that I did nothing because I did finish that essay on "Cranford" and I did write the 2 exam essays. I just wish my productivity had been more along the creative realm. Especially now that I talked over "Surfin' Summer" with you and want to take a closer look at it.

      I'm back at work today and it feels good. Like I have a fresh perspective that can only come from relaxation and healthy leisure.

  2. Glad you girls had such a lovely time together, Carissa. =)


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