Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December 1st, My Darlings!

All right, so the way this works, I'm going to post something every day up until Christmas. Something that I find inspirational about the holiday season. Who knows, maybe I'll even snatch a photo of my sweet kitty being all cute and lovey-dovey under the Christmas tree.

But for the moment, we'll start off with Elvis singing "If Every Day Was Like Christmas."

Why this song? Because he's right. If every day was just like Christmas, what a wonderful world this would be.

So here, you have it, in honor of the King of Rock & Roll and the King of Kings, Elvis Presley singing "If Every Day Was Like Christmas."


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    1. Sure thing! With a little luck I might even be able to participate in your Winter Wonderland Blog Party. We'll see what college allows. :)

  2. My husband says that this is my theme song.

    Also, I have to listen to Elvis' Christmas album every year while I decorate the tree. Because my parents had the LP and always played it while we did the tree when I was a kid.

    1. What a precious memory. All of Elvis' Christmas songs are wonderful, but I'm especially in love with this one.

      I haven't been an Elvis fan for very long, but Gene Autrey does it for me. I'm zapped back to trimming the tree in my childhood. It's a beautiful set of memories and my heart warms every time I hear Gene's Christmas carols.

    2. My favorite of his is "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." It's got some amazing percussion, and backup singers doing some pretty angelic high notes. My dad has been an Elvis fan since he was a kid, and he used to repeat this song a bunch of times in the car every Christmastime. He'd just rewind the tape over and over until Mom would say, "Okay, enough! Let us listen to something different!" :-)

    3. I just played his 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful" to refresh my memory, and you're right, it's a delightful version. It must be nice having Elvis fans in the family. I'm the only one in mine, sadly, but at least they don't hate him so that's something.

    4. My dad loves Elvis and Neil Diamond, and my mom loves the Monkees and the Carpenters and Peter, Paul and Mary. Me? My most favorite is Bobby Darin, hee. But I'm also a fan of Elvis and the Monkees and the Beatles. Which is good, since my husband is a huge Beatles fan. Both he and I prefer the music of our parents' generation to our own -- one of the reasons we fit so well together, I guess! But anyway, yes, it's nice having someone around who appreciates the music you love. At least your family doesn't hate him!


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