Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I do when I'm sick . . .

I'm sick.

Or have hay fever.

It's one or the other but regardless of WHAT it is, the last several days have been horrendous. More so because it was a holiday weekend and I was schedule to work the day after the holiday so I had to go to work. My boss was kind enough to schedule me for only a half day (which I really, really appreciate) but by the end of the night I was completely dragged out and only wanted to go home. Which I did, finally.

But, on the positive side, I had a chance to rewatch some old movies that I haven't seen in forever. Of course by old I mean classic 9 times out of 10. So I spent most of one day watching the original Tarzan film with Johnny Weissmuller and then the 3rd film in that series Tarzan Escapes. That last one isn't my favorite and I really wish I'd watched the 2nd one instead. Maybe tonight once I'm off work. Except Tarzan bellowing is a bit loud for night-time viewing when the rest of the family sleepeth. There's nothing quite like Tarzan and Tarzan and His Mate. They were filmed before censorship so Jane's costume in the 2nd film is quite risque and the newest DVD release even included the swimming scene where she's not wearing a stitch of clothing. But I love them anyway. Somehow they feel like classic cinema at its rawest and best form.

Then of course there's my foray into modern comedy. Sister Act was a must. I'd forgotten that Maggie Smith played the Reverend Mother and I'd also forgotten how much I LOVE her. That woman is in acting genius and a marvel and when she passes her death will be a great loss to society. Then for the 1st time in at least 5 years I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Maybe I'm old enough to appreciate it now because I wasn't that fond of it when I first saw it. This time around I loved it. It warmed my heart with its authenticity and sympathy for these teen girls who all have their own set of problems. I think I also appreciated how not all of the girl's situations revolved around boys. It's not all about the guys, people, and it's nice having movies remember that.

Then (remember I've been sick or I'd never have watched this many movies) I plugged in my edited copy of Keeping the Faith. There's a good chance 95% of you have never seen this movie. It's the obscurest of the obscure but kinda cute in its own unrealistic, melodramatic way. The movie stars Edward Norton as a priest and Ben Stiller as a Rabbi in modern New York City. They're innovative in their preaching methods and what's more they've been best friends since they were in 8th grade, which is also where they both met the girl of their dreams. Except she's the same girl. Long story short, they've all grown up and she moves back to New York for a job. Both men fall in love with her again (yes, even the priest) and we watch how the drama unfolds. The moments of humor are hilarious and I love Ed Norton.

Spoiler Alert:

Which is why, regardless of the fact that he's a priest, if Priestly Ed Norton confessed his undying love to me, it would be reciprocated! You have a choice between kissing Ben Stiller and kissing Edward Norton? Uhm, not a hard decision to make! Sheesh, that girl's not nearly as practical as me!

So, there you have it. A totally fluffy post of my recent movies. I almost never write these types of posts so don't worry about them getting to be a habit. In fact I usually dislike talking about my recent movie-viewing habits since it does seem petty to talk about. Eh, one time won't hurt. My next post should be more substantial. Once my sinuses have cleared up enough so thinking doesn't feel like I'm using up oxygen.


  1. Maggie Smith is awesome. In fact, I was thinking about her last night. Actually, I was thinking about how popular Judi Dench is. You know my feelings on Judi Dench. I dislike her. And now, I have figured out why -- when I look at her, in any film, it's always "oh, there's Judi Dench." But when I look at Maggie Smith, she IS the Countess of Grantham, or she IS Minerva McGonagall, or she IS Mother Superior. That's the difference.

    Ed Norton is... hot. Put him in a priest outfit, and he's even hotter. Fact.

    Sorry you're sick. Get better! 6 days from now, we'll be warming the seats in a theater. But when the Les Mis teaser comes on (supposedly, it's included with SW&TH), you may have to restrain me from bouncing up and down. Oh, well. Good times.

    1. In terms of acting skill and being able to become a completely different person with every role, Maggie Smith wins hands down. I like Judi Dench, very much, but she is always Judi Dench. That never quite changes and it's sort of tragic.

      I am feeling better, thank you, and I am SO excited to see SW&TH! How many of us will there be again? I can hardly wait!

      Ed Norton, yummy! I'm restraining myself from binging on his movies. I have other things to do now that I can talk without hacking out a lung.

    2. She is awesome. The HP films were stupid not to let her have a much bigger part, as she has in the books.

      Uh... five, if Hannah and her sister both come; six if Janette wants to tag along. I haven't asked her yet. It's hard to pin her down, since she's so often sick. =(

      Ed Norton is... fabulous. Hence one of my reasons for not traipsing out to see "The Avengers." THEY REPLACED MY HULK!! Have you seen him in "The Painted Veil" yet? ClearPlay it. But pack the tissues. You'll bawl.

    3. The Painted Veil is awesome! Minus the last 15 minutes. I just skip those most of the time. Absurd tragedy!

      And you know something? I really like Mark Ruffalo's Hulk. I didn't expect to but his Bruce Banner is a very humorous kinda guy and he interacts really well with the other actors, especially Chris Evans. He was a good choice. I'm not sure that Ed would have played well with everyone else, as much as I love him. You'll have to watch it when it comes out on DVD. I really think it's an amazing movie, surpassing even my expectations. Of course, for me Hawkeye and Black Widow were the best parts. Yummy!

    4. I think we should dig up the author of that book and kill him. Guess what! I found out in the book that after her husband dies, Kitty gets seduced by the jerkface -- again! She is so disgusted by herself that she finally tells him off. I think in that respect, I like her better in the movie! =P

      DVD? Pfft! So old school. I'll rent the BluRay! ;)

      Yeah, everyone raves about how good it is. I wish I could muster up a little bit of caring, but my life seems to be rather apathetic at the moment.

  2. Feel better, Carissa! Being sick is NO FUN. =/

    I liked Keeping the Faith but it isn't my most fave rom-com. I don't know... I just have some issues with it. =) Definitely need to watch the "Sisterhood" movies again - they are darn cute.

    1. This is the 1st day in a long while that I've started to feel human again. It's lovely!

      Keeping the Faith is cute but an acquired taste I think. I'm not even totally in love with it, probably for some of the same reasons it's not your favorite. Let's just say that Ben Stiller didn't rack up any brownie points for me with this one.


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