Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Colorado Politics

Only a democrat could get away with saying "Ignorance is forgivable. Pride in ignorance never is." These are the words of a supporter of civil unions in Colorado, one of many thousands, who are desperate to overturn the ban on homosexual marriage we managed to pass in 2006. Or rather, the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

I understand that homosexual couples are often devoted to each other. I have a lesbian aunt and I love her, dearly. She's been with her partner for somewhere around 15 years now and to me June is a part of our family. But in all good conscience I cannot support civil unions or homosexual marriage. I just, I can't do it. And what's worse is when I'm called ignorant because I refuse to support civil unions because of personal and religious reasons. What happened to freedom of religion? I'm allowed to let my faith determine my politics. That is how I approach my life and whenever that right of mine is threatened by words such as those of Wiley Sherer, it makes me pause in concern.

They're allowed to fight for civil unions. Just as I am allowed to say that civil unions are unconstitutional because of the beliefs of our founding fathers and the documents on which this nation was founded. It's not a political debate if one side says "I'm right and you're pridefully arrogant" so the other has no say at all.

Doesn't the hate wear you down? Doesn't it tear at your soul? I've reached the point in my life where I can't bring myself to hate democrats anymore. I always will disagree with their liberal policies that focuses more on government and less on the people. I won't agree with them on numerous policies, such as this civil union argument. I'm happy Colorado voted down civil unions. I'm happy the GOP stood up to defend marriage as God intended. What I'm not happy about is the back-biting and the hate. I sometimes see it from my political side but more often then not it's from the liberals. And I can't stand knowing that an entire society of people despise my very act of breathing just because I'm on the other side of the fence. When it did become "My way or the highway?"

I can see both sides of the argument because of my aunt. I really can. But in the end I have to make a decision based solely on what Scripture teaches, no matter how much it might hurt somebody else, and no matter how much they might hate me for it. I'm not the one hating here. I'm just the one being made to feel like I'm a bigot because I can't go along with the crowd. How's that for land of the free and home of the brave?


  1. It's a hard thing, isn't it? If it comes to a choice between people hating us for our religious views, or choosing to believe what God commands us to believe. It's easier to please the world than it is to stand up and take hatred. But homosexual marriage is not about civil unions. It is about undermining the family unit, a unit that God created. There is a reason He sees it as an abomination, because it is an intentional mockery of gender identities and the union of Christ and the Church. Though it scares me to admit it, I would much rather take on the hatred of the world than pay the price from an angry God for condoning a union that is repugnant to Him.

    1. "I would much rather take on the hatred of the world than pay the price from an angry God for condoning a union that is repugnant to Him."

      I fear a lot of people don't see it that way. They figure what the world does is its own business so we have no need to interfere. Here's where I know we HAVE to interfere! What happens when Christians don't speak up loudly enough? Abortion gets legalized and homosexuals demand marital rights. What next? Marrying a minor. The last time I checked that's called pedophilia. How about marrying a pet? That's bestiality. The line has got to be drawn, not blurred. The argument could be made that it's 2 consenting adults. Two consenting adults can do anything in private. It's another thing to bring their acts out into the open and fight to make it as acceptable as heterosexual relationships. That's a whole other ballgame entirely.

    2. See, it's not just an issue of morality. If same sex marriage is legalized, then the partner gets the same government-given rights as a heterosexual couple. Which means that YOUR taxes could be going to fund THEIR social security benefits from a deceased spouse, which is a violation of YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. What happens then? Can all the religious people opt out of paying their taxes? It wouldn't be just Christians. It would be Christians, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims, and Jews. What happens when 80% of the United States can slap the government with lawsuits that claim that paying for those things would be a direct violation of their freedom of religion?

      There's indisputable proof that children do better in households with two parents of the opposite sex. Marriage is primarily for the legal bringing about of children. Gay marriage cannot produce children.

      What I don't understand is how anyone who believes in evolution can buy into homosexuality being normal. The very basics of the theory of evolution prove it to be a warped perversion of life. Under their own standards, we would have to believe that this is "survival of the fittest," which implies that homosexuals are less fit than heterosexuals and are being eliminated from the human race. One cannot argue that evolution is producing it as a means of slowing down the childbearing rate either, since there's proof over the last however many years that most of the modern nations in the world are not having enough kids to replace their adult population. So... what is homosexuality, exactly? How does it fit into evolution and atheism? How is it so "normal"?

      You're right, after legalizing homosexual marriage, next up will be a big push for pedophilia to be accepted as normal. Then we will get into multiple marriages... if a man can marry another man, or a man can marry a younger woman, why can't a man have more than one wife?

      Just look at Ancient Rome. We're basically following the same path, and it didn't work out for them either.

      The big problem is that Christianity is divided on this issue -- and it shouldn't be. God says homosexuality is an abomination. It is not to be tolerated in the Church. So why are we even discussing it? What secular people do in their bedrooms is really none of our business, but in the Christian community we cannot be "tolerant" of it. We must treat it for what it is -- sin, fornication. There are no "Gay/Bisexual Christians," there are "Christians that struggle with homosexuality/bisexuality."


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