Monday, March 7, 2016

Is Sherlock an introvert?

How do you tell an introvert from an extrovert? It has nothing to do with how socially comfortable you are, it really doesn't. How do you recharge? If you recharge by being around people, then you're an extrovert. If you recharge by spending time alone . . .introvert. It's really that simple.

In that same vein, how does Sherlock recharge? Where does he get his juice, his pep, his vim and vigor? Let's be honest, the temptation, and I succumbed to this myself a few years ago, is to assume that he's an introvert because he spends so much time alone. But what does his alone time accomplish? It accomplishes boredom on a massive level that sinks into depression at suicidal rates! Do not let that man spend too much time alone is your take-away lesson for this evening.

So, Sherlock in Sherlock is actually an EXTROVERT. Which sort of amazes me since Holmes in the canon is an introvert. But he's not the first extroverted version of Sherlock Holmes, so hey, it works. Sherlock requires people, gains his energy from people even if it means sniping at them, and when he isn't around people, he's lethargic and broody. Simple analysis, end of story . . . extrovert.

But I'm not about to guess what personality type on MBTI he actually is because he embodies several different types. Go figure. Must be that high-functioning sociopath coming through again.

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  1. For me, it's middle ground.

    Too much alone time / lack of stimulation -- I get depressed and bored.

    Being around people energizes me, but only certain kinds of people and conversations. Too much going on and I have to have some quiet time to process things or I turn into a raging crab.

    But it is true that I can't relax. Like, ever. I need to be doing SOMETHING, ALL THE TIME, and that is usually the marked sign of a driven... extrovert.

    1. And that's why I still think that Caitlin may be an extrovert because she gets bored and lonely so quickly. Or it may just be an aspect of her introverted self. Who knows!

    2. Hard to tell with her. ENFPs are a strange breed. We're the most introverted of the extroverts, so we both need down time and plenty of people.

      The true test is how quickly she recovers after a lot of interaction. If it only takes a few hours before she can socialize again, extrovert is likely.


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