Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Woohoo, Snow Day off from Work!!

I think Compassion has changed its snow day policy because, for the first time since my mom has worked there (which is nearly 5 years), they called a snow day! Woot, woot! Get a load of that gorgeous snow! And thank goodness for the new snowblower my parents bought last year on sale! That cut the shoveling time by at least half, if not more!

Although going uphill is faster than downhill for some reason. Although at this angle and the necessity of blowing snow to my life, I ended up getting sprayed by a lot of it. Oh well, nothing's perfect.

Bubbles isn't a fan of snow, but she was fascinated by its presence outside HER window.

This was before I got out there with the snow blower. While the snowfall in most of our driveway was no higher than 6 inches, naturally the front steps had a snowdrift almost 2 feet high. If you're going to get a snowdrift, it's always where you least want it to be!

The storm door was literally caked in snow and when I banged on it, it left this lovely window through which I could take a photo. I'd say it was a God thing, especially since the snow was still falling! So pretty.

That's all for now!

I also baked Swedish Coffee Bread with my sister and tried my hand at making Risengrynsgrøt (that Norwegian rice pudding), which was absolutely delicious. It just needed a tad less milk and shorter grain rice, but it was still terrific for a first attempt. I'll post those photos later in the week because Swedish Coffee Bread is just too yummy to not share! Hope you all had as glorious a day as I did!


  1. We got 10-12 inches. Trudged up to the main house, played games with my family, then got them hooked on Jonathan Strange. The internet was out for about eight hours and then came back on. Oh glorious internet!

  2. Replies
    1. Not so far. Although we're in *northern* Virginia, we don't get a lot of snow. Usually it will snow in the very early morning and be melted by about 10am. If we wake up to snow, I shove the kids into their snow suits and throw them outside before breakfast, because otherwise they won't get to play in it much before it melts. Last year we actually got a fairly good-sized snowfall that lasted several days, which was such fun.

      You see, I was born in Iowa, lived in Michigan for 9 years, and dearly love snow. I went to college in Minnesota and then lived in Wisconsin for 4 years, and then in Connecticut for 3, and I loved loved loved all that snow. In between MI and MN, though, I lived in NC for 6 years, where my parents still live, and the lack of snow there really helped me appreciate the snow when I returned to it for college.

      HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! The forecast says flurries for today! Nothing will stick, I'm sure -- ground is way too warm -- but at least we'll get to see some at last. It's been wayyyy too warm here this winter -- it was 72 on Christmas. That's Just Wrong. :-(

    2. I lived in Oregon for 6 years with only 2 snow falls. It was so sad, which is one reason why I like living in Colorado. I may not have the ocean anymore, but at least I have seasons!

      To be honest, we almost never get a Christmas snow. We had a couple of teensy flurries Christmas morning, but nothing of any capacity. I keep praying, every year, for a white Christmas and 90% of the time it just doesn't happen. Boo!

      Did you get any snow yesterday? I think we've got some slated for later in the week, but weather in Colorado is changeable at best. ;)

    3. Cowboy says there was a flurry when he was on the way to work yesterday morning, but the kids and I weren't up yet then. Other than that, nothing. Phoooooey.

    4. Aww, I'm sorry! We're due for 4 to 8 inches over the next 48 hours so I'll will some of it your way!


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