Wednesday, November 11, 2015

First Snowfall of the Season

I'm not talking the first snow of the year, but the first snow of the season, after you've gone through the heat of summer and then watched the leaves falling, and then finally, even before you expect it (like this crisp morning in Colorado) you wake up to little crystals coating every surface of your yard and house.

My very first thought immediately flies to Christmas. So many good memories are tied up in Christmas for me, traditions, family and friends, books and movies, Christmas concerts, gifts under the tree, an elderly cat happily drugged out on catnip with her paws wrapped around her Christmas stocking. The very first snow of the season reminds me that winter is almost here, and with it, Christmas. Even though the sun bursts through the clouds by 10 am, melting all of the snow by noon, it was still there, and it still turned my thoughts to December.

Snow also reminds me of other things. Like when I lived on the coast of Oregon as a child and only experienced snow twice. Caitlin and I made the tiniest snowman ever on both of those occasions and then watched him shrink each day until he looked rather like an emaciated albino penguin. Or how about the move to Colorado when I was 14-years-old, to a house in definite snow country, and that winter falling in love, absolute love, with snow and sleds and full-sized snowmen.

Snow reminds me of my father on Christmas Eve, sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night with sleigh-bells tied to a pole and jingling them against our bedroom wall. Even though now I know it was my father, a part of me still does, and always will, believe in Santa.

That first thin layer of white is a promise of goodness and warmth and family, of love and of charity. Of giving to others who don't have anything, of giving my younger sister a hug on Christmas morning, of curling up with a good book and a cup of hot tea with the cat on the end of my bed.

Yes, winter is my favorite season. I know technically it's still fall, but with that first snow in the late autumn, my heartbeat quickens just a little bit and I look at that red sweater hanging in the closet, wondering if I dare to wear it yet, and deciding that yes, I will wear it, because it makes me happy, and because Christmas is coming.

What are your first thoughts when you see the first snow of the season?


  1. I would love to experience a real snowfall at least once in my life. (Even fall I've never really experienced). I think it'd be difficult living where it snowed all winter, but a few snowfalls a year would be so wonderful. I can't even imagine. I live in Texas, so I've never seen more than a dusting a snow in my entire life, so... snow is a beautiful sight to me.

    And I'll take the cold over the heat, and most especially the humidity, any day. (At least when it's cold there are ways to warm up, but if the AC goes out in the summer or a hurricane knocks out your electricity for weeks on end... it's pretty horrible and there's nothing you can do to cool off. I speak from experience).

    By the way, it's nice seeing a post from someone that actually enjoys snow and the winter. It's refreshing to see! I hope you'll share lots of photos once the snow starts falling!

    1. Hi, Kristin! I'm so happy you found my blog!

      Believe me, I know how hard it is to live in a place where you never experience the seasons. Having spent 17 years in Colorado, I have strange visions of moving back to Oregon, but it will never happen. I just love the seasons and the snowfall too much!

      I've never really lived in a place with humidity, but definitely visited them. I love dry heat or cold. That way I don't feel like I'm melting.

      And thank you, so much for your kind words about my love of winter. Because I genuinely do. It hasn't even officially started yet and I'm so excited because I know it's coming.

      I'll make sure to post winter photos off and on during the season and I hope you'll enjoy them!

  2. Snow reminds me of Christmas, and hot chocolate, and sleigh rides, and Dickens novels, of cold feet and red noses and ... that's about it, really. Flickers of memories, but I can't say it brought anything much to mind this time other than, "Uh... where's my boots again??"

    1. Awww, for the both of us, snow is synonymous with Christmas. Not that I've ever been on a sleigh ride, but someday! I had a crazy moment of wanting to take down my fall decorations and then put a firm stop to myself. It's not quite the season yet, and I do NOT want to rush through the seasons.

    2. I think it doesn't help (wanting to rush to Christmas) because it seems like all the stores are highlighting Christmas early this year -- Thanksgiving isn't even here, and deserves respect and acknowledgment, but they can't make a few bucks off paper turkey decorations so the greater emphasis is Christmas. I refuse to put up my tree until December 1st. Then I'll be ALL OVER IT. ;)

    3. It's funny you would talk about highlighting Christmas too early. Yep, 99% of the stores are doing just that. But apparently Nordstrom's isn't decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. They feel that Thanksgiving should be celebrated first, and I praise them for it. I think they're the only store in the US doing that, but at least they're standing on principle.

      We'll probably decorate the day after Thanksgiving or at least the weekend after since I am NOT doing Black Friday shopping this year.

    4. Good for them.

      I do all my Black Friday shopping online -- though considering I just picked up Doctor Who on Blu Ray for under $30 I won't have to this year. ;)


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