Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spring in January

I tend to get bored with my decor, so last year I made an effort o try something new. I went with pinks and blues and greens. It's amazing how just that little change can lift a person's spirit. I love my retro decor, but I think that will wait until it can go in a guest room. I just can't use it in my bedroom anymore. It's too loud, or something.

This was changed out just after the new year. I love Christmas, but all of those nutcrackers in my room can get a bit depressing. I'm glad I made the alteration before the start of my next semester. This color scheme is very cheerful and makes me happy.

The top of my dresser. I LOVE those lit flowers!

Caitlin painted this of me after we visited
Pagosa Springs in 2011. The frame is perfect
for it. The little beaded flower is something
I made last year, and the ATC (artist trading card)
stuck in the top of the frame is something
I made for a New Year's Eve craft party.

I painted the teddy bear years ago at a
friend's birthday party, and there's another
one of the beaded flowers I made.

This is an ATC that Caitlin made
during one of her brain-storming sessions
with her crafting friend.

Another ATC card that I made for the
New Year's Eve party. The vase is something
Dad etched a few years ago. I added pink tulle
and beaded that lovely ball for effect. The tulle
makes it work.

The shelf was a gift from last year. I wanted a
corner unit and Dad found the perfect one. The
ladies I've had since as long as I can remember.
They're so stylish!

The top of my lovely cherry wood desk.
I love glitter, hence the glittery floral
arrangement. There's even a paper crane
nestled in the center.

Another ATC that Caitlin had made and
generously gave me.
Can you tell that I love butterflies?

My Christmas gift, homemade by a very dear friend.


  1. Love the lit flowers on your dresser! They remind me of cherry or dogwood blossoms. I enjoyed my visit today. Have a great week, Carissa.

  2. Everything looks wonderful!

    Aww, the little animal (dragon?) is very cute.

  3. Beth, yes those are cherry blossoms. I found them in the neatest store in Pagosa Springs, CO and just had to have them. That was my Japanese phase, but luckily they transition over to this phase perfectly.

    Charity, thanks. The colors make me happy, just like blue makes you happy. She's actually a fairy dragon. You can't see her wings really well in that picture. She's the cutest thing ever and is the girlfriend to the starry night themed fairy dragon Elizabeth made Caitlin. So cute!

  4. Aw! How cute, Carissa! Love those cherry blossoms - being a fan of twinkle lights, anything that is "lit" like that throughout the year is fun. :)


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