Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life goes on

It seems that the world rolls on. The apocalypse didn’t happen with the loss of the election. I didn’t stop breathing. This supposedly means that there is still hope in my heart. Not necessarily a hope that a spiritual awakening will occur in America but rather the knowledge that my soul is safe. I was disappointed and angry with the election. I’m numb now. But it is well with my soul. It’s remarkable how I can still feel joy in my faith, in knowing God is in control, even while America has proven to me that our citizens have joined Stupidsville. I’m 100% aware that America has walked into the hands of Satan and that he is gleeful over our surrender to him. But so long as there are righteous men and women in this nation God will not destroy us. He might turn away from us but he will not bring destruction down upon us. This is why I will continue to pray. Even though it might look hopeless, God has our backs.

I heard a story from my father last night. He was talking to someone where he works, a fellow conservative, who had the strangest notion. He holds to the idea that maybe it’s time Republicans dropped some of the social/moral issues that have been a part of our platform since Roe vs. Wade. His idea, and apparently the idea of many fiscal conservatives, is that the moral platform is what keeps people from voting for Republicans. Therefore it should be dropped. You don’t say that to people like my parents. My folks were democrats until Reagan came along. Then the whole Roe vs. Wade thing blew up and because they were Christians they made a choice to walk away from their political party. They were Reagan democrats along with millions of other Reagan democrats who now form the backbone of the Republican Party. Why did they join in the first place? It is because they took a moral stand on life beginning at conception. You can’t just walk away from that ideal. You can’t just decide one day that for the good of the party you’re going to stop fighting for pro-life amendments or defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

I’m not condemning fiscal conservatives. There are many in the Republican Party who joined purely on an economical basis and that’s fine. But they need to realize there’s another half. They can shout to the rooftops that the Republican platform should drop social issues to gain votes. But the word “should” doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. If you want me to betray a part of myself, a huge part of the reason why I’m a Republican, then so long, chum, because I’m finding a different party. The moral Republicans aren’t going to budge on this issue and the sooner the fiscal conservatives realize it the better. Apparently this guy sputtered quite a bit at the idea that anyone would leave the Republican Party because of a moral issue. Well, if they push too hard I guarantee that moral Republicans will be rats leaving a sinking ship. They'll lose votes with this method instead of gaining them. If people like my parents had the guts to leave their prior political party on moral grounds then don’t you dare tell them that the Republicans need to drop that moral high-ground. That’s not the way to win an election.

We lost. Yep, we lost and it was a pretty major loss. But I still love this great nation of mine. She wasn’t always being torn apart like this. There was a time when Christian values were trumpeted as being the right way to go, the successful way to go. You know that statement in the Constitution; the one about freedom of religion? That means the freedom to be religious anywhere: in school, at work, in government, anywhere. Our founding fathers fully realized that Christian faith and our government went hand in hand. When a Christian foundation is removed from government then all hell breaks loose and suddenly the Constitution is being interpreted every which way so that it says what they want it to say. Give me a presidential candidate who’s not afraid to say that we’ve gone morally awry in this nation and then at least maybe he’ll stand a chance.

This loss isn’t the end of the world. It hurts and it’s scary but God is still in control. Let’s not play the blame game. I honestly think we could have had God Himself running and would have still lost. People are just entirely too into the "Me First" concept right now for any Republican to be attractive to them. So let's not apologize for being who and what we are: a political party founded on moral and family values. Instead let’s figure out how to win the next election.


  1. "...Instead let’s figure out how to win the next one."

    Well said. There is no question that the re-election was a horrible thing and is not good for America but American's chose not to elect the better man, and now we have to accept that. Now we've voted hopefully there will be ways that we can be of influence by writing letters and doing anything we can to stand against what is promised to come.

    1. Amen! I admit, though, I'm going to wait a while before seeking out any political info. I'm quite burnt out right now and need an emotional breather. It feels like I just lost 1 1/2 years of my life waiting for this election.

    2. I know what you mean, Carissa. I felt guilty when I began to be burnt out on talking politics or seeing the nasty adds because I knew how important this election was but my personality also recognizes that there's nothing we can do now to change the outcome of things so... we must "go on."

      That doesn't mean I am pleased but life doesn't stop.


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