Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Three Phantoms

~ Icon by white_gull on Livejournal from "The Phantom of the Opera"

Nothing makes me feel more romantic than listening to the beautiful voices of three former Phantoms resounding throughout the Pikes Peak Center. *sigh* Tonight was the night. Mark Jacoby, Craig Shulmann, and Brad Little were hired to perform for hundreds of Phantom enthused fans. And perform they did! It wasn't just Phantom either. They performed numbers from "Kiss Me, Kate," "Les Miserables," "The Most Happy Fella," and a score of other songs that I had never heard before. The most haunting may have been Craig and Brad's duet of "Lily's Eyes" from "The Secret Garden." It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

But the best song of the evening, performed by all three, was "Music of the Night." If you think one Phantom singing it is good, than you can't imagine the ecstasy that three of them invoke. I think my heart literally stopped at that one crescendo he hits, or in this case they hit. The sound just reverberated, like nothing I've ever heard before. Wow, what an evening! I think I'm still on cloud nine.

Our parking situation was a tad funny too, from a certain point of view. I couldn't find a parking space and the show was going to start in five minutes. So I literally tossed Caitlin from the car to go get her seat (I was NOT going to let her miss the opening). Then I drove around a bit before finding a parking garage that made me slightly nervous, especially since it was a block and a half away from the theater. This is downtown Colorado Springs, at night, and I don't do downtown Colorado Springs at night. But I parked the car (parking was free for some reason), made sure it was locked and bolted for the theater. Five minutes later, I handed my ticket to the lady waiting inside the door, trying desperately not to gasp for breath since I'd sprinted almost the entire way. I only missed a smidgen of the selections from "The Sound of Music." Which was fine because the gentlemen were not singing at that point.

Like I said, the concert was beyond excellent. We met up with one of my coworkers who also happens to be a close friend and she and her husband offered to drive us back to the parking garage. I could tell by the look in Mal's eyes that he wasn't sure about letting us walk back into the garage since it was late and anything could happen. But Caitlin and I persevered and marched into the belly of the beast. There were a few lingering people that made me nervous, especially since the truck next to our vehicle had its doors open. So I unlocked the car with the beeper, crawled through from the passengers side door with Caitlin right behind me. A minute later and I was pulling out with the doors safely locked. There were a couple of suspicious looking characters waiting by a car down there too as we rounded a bend. It looked disturbingly like a possible drug buy, so I didn't slow down even at the corner. We tore out of that garage and were thrilled to see that Mal and Lynn had waited for us at the top, just to be sure we were safe. We rolled down the windows, thanked them and said goodnight, and then headed for home, safe and sound.

Not only did we have a marvelous experience at the theater, but we had an adventure in the parking garage as well. Next time, I'm remembering that there's a garage right next to the Pikes Peak Center. No more of this gang banger business for me, thanks very much.

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