Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremony and Voltaire

~ Icon from "How to Steal a Million" by me.

Why am I awake at this ungodly hour (if an hour could be ungodly)? Because I just finished reading the silliest bit of fluff ever written. And by Voltaire, no less. Unless you want your head to spin round and round like a top, never pick up a copy of Voltaire's "Candide." It's not worth your time and effort. I have a happier view of life than him, which explains why his philosophers manage to annoy me. *bleh* Thank goodness the discussion ends tomorrow. A small relief and than I'll never think of "Candide" again.

On a happier note, I did get to watch bits of the Olympics opening ceremony. Canada did a first-rate job. I was very, very impressed. What a shame about the 4th section not lifting for the lighting of the torch, but nothing's perfect and I thought it was brilliant regardless. Now I can only hope that Bodie Miller behaves himself this year. And I can hardly wait to watch the escapades of the figure skaters. It won't be the same without Alexai Yagudin, but he was tops. You only get someone like him once in a century, if you're lucky.

Okay, I have work tomorrow (I'm sorry to say), so this is a remarkably short post. But I can't prop my eyelids open anymore and I still want to watch a favorite scene from "How to Steal a Million" before I sleep. 'Night!

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