Challenges and Blogathons

Oh my gosh, it is so far past time that I had a single page for all of the blogathons and challenges that I've participated in! So I'm housing them all here. The ones I've hosted will be at the top, clearly marked, and the ones hosted by others will also be clearly marked. Enjoy browsing!

Click the photos to find the pages! ❤

Blogathons that I've Hosted in the Past

Anthony Andrews Blog Hop

Jeff Goldblum Fest

Blogathons That I've Participated In/Am Participating In

Bette Davis Blogathon

1940s Week

Period Drama Challenge

Cinderella Week Linkup Post


  1. Would you be interested in joining my blogathon? I'm looking for reviews with any stars from TVs #Dallas read on for open for TV reviews too!

    1. Thanks for inviting me, but I'm not familiar with any of the actors so I'll have to pass. Have fun though!

  2. Just browsing your blog. Wanted you to know you are in for The Lodger on my Film Noir Blogathon.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know and approving the movie. :)


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