Monday, November 1, 2021

Celebrate Jeremy Brett Month Link-Up Post

Good Morning, everyone!

November has arrived and so too has my month-long event celebrating the esteemed talent that is Jeremy Brett! If you don't know him, no worries, you'll know him by the end of November. 

When you've written your blog post for the event, please comment with your link here and I will add it to this page. 

I'm excited beyond words to be hosting this event, and I'm even more excited about my participants. You are all so very wonderful.

Participant Blog Posts

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  1. Hello there, here as promised is my review of Jeremy Brett in The Incredible Hulk in a whodunnit episode...

    from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  2. I've got a review of "The Red Headed League" (1985) starring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke up today here on my blog :-) If I can, I hope to also review the soundtrack for the Granada series -- will that be related to Jeremy Brett enough for this event?

    1. That's wonderful, Rachel, thank you!

      And yes, a review of the Granada series soundtrack definitely counts. It's such a striking musical score, so well-suited for Holmes.

    2. Just realized that link went to the mobile version of my blog. Here's a link to the regular one:

  3. Hi, Carissa, here's mine:

  4. Hello, Carissa!

    I'm so sorry that I didn't get to join! It looks like this was great fun. I started watching The Wild and the Willing with the intent to review it, but things got so busy and I didn't get to finish it. All the same, I'll enjoy watching the rest of it now that I've been introduced to Mr. Brett!


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