Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Musing over An Evening with Michael Bublé concert

I attended a Michael Bublé concert in June this year, my fourth time hearing him live, and I've spent the last several months mulling over why this particular Evening with Michael Bublé fell so incredibly flat for me when it should have been amazing.

First, there was some drama over buying the tickets. I don't like drama, and I don't like it when other people cause drama in my life. Even if that drama really isn't that big, it still has an effect. So, there is the possibility that the ticket-buying experience with friends was just enough of a nightmare to ruin the entire evening.

But, more than that, I'm disappointed in Michael himself.

He's a crooner, and he presents a very classy image on his albums and even in his Christmas specials (which he's not doing anymore, sadly).

But in person, on the stage, he's crass. He's always been crass and I've always overlooked it, but I'm tired of pretending I'm fine with his behavior.

By being crass he lowers the quality of his performance and my enjoyment. I was even more disappointed in him than in past times because I actually had my younger sister with me and having her listen to him tell his jokes and swear made me realize that I didn't really want her listening to him and I didn't want to listen to him anymore either. If I could have, I would have walked out, but that's hard to do when you're with others.

I'm not sure why it took me four concerts to come to this conclusion, but better late than never, as they say.

Maybe I'm expecting too much of him, but I don't think so. How hard is it present a clean show when he knows his audience has families in it? Or, heaven forbid, does he swear like a sailor in front of his own kids? There's a terrifying thought.

I wish he didn't demean himself and the art form he's trying to keep alive by his behavior on the stage, but he does. So I'm left with a decision. I can continue listening to his music or I can give him up entirely. Or is there something else in-between?

I love Michael's music. He has a beautiful, silky voice that makes me smile.

But apart from his music, I'm done with him.

No more fanclub, no more concerts, just a new album every couple of years after I learn its content. Nope, sorry Michael, not buying them outright anymore until I'm sure the songs you're singing continue to be of the same standard I'm used to, from your music at least. I wish I could stay that you met a higher standard in person, but that's just not the case.

Maybe someday he'll figure out that crass behavior in his concerts doesn't serve him well. Until then, I'll relax to his Christmas album as the holiday season approaches and allow myself to enjoy what I consider to be an album of pure delight and joy.

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  1. It disappointed me to learn of his swearing in the concert. You would think that he'd better know his audience, which I assume has people in it who can afford the ticket and therefore might hold a higher standard of entertainment. :P

    Then again, everyone swears casually now, so I guess I can't expect entertainers to be anything other than potty-mouthed. I'm rather disappointed in the entire blinkin' culture. :P

    1. I know, right!? But maybe his behavior doesn't bother others the way it does me, which is an entirely different set of issues regarding our culture.

      I was thinking over it this morning, but attending one of his concerts is kind of like smelling a rose and getting stung by a bee. Not at all pleasant. I'm pretty sure that's not something more performers aspire to with their art form.

      It does make me realize, though, that I don't want to waste money on entertainment that I know will offend me. I'd rather save that money up and use it for something else. Enough Michael Buble concerts skipped then maybe I could afford to take that Jane Austen tour of England in 30 years! Just in time for retirement! :D

    2. I imagine it bothers some, and others less. I'm afraid swearing is so common now, most people are used to it and do not even notice it, unless they have a REASON to notice it -- like their kid sister being there. ;)

      Good for you. We should all support less whatever we do not like, and stop settling just because it's "all we have." And yes, thinking in terms of what you are saving FOR is an excellent idea. :)

  2. Awww, that's really sad. I've always kind of thought I ought to like his music, because his style is very similar to Bobby Darin and Dean Martin, but his voice has never quite clicked for me.

    I was fairly worried, going to Hugh Jackman's concert this summer, that something like this would happen. That was also a stressful event, just because my bff flew all the way across the country to go to it with me, we had to go into DC at night, I had to find the place where I'd prepaid to park... but it went fine. And Hugh was a perfect gentleman onstage -- he tiptoed up to the line of not-family-friendly a couple times, and then would stop, grin, and say, "Oh, no, family show." I was thoroughly pleased.

    So... shame on Michael Buble for not presenting clean entertainment for all to enjoy. It's not true that "everybody does this" or that it's what you need to do to fulfill an audience's expectations, as Hugh Jackman's concert is testimony to. And good for you for being able to stand up and vote with your money and attention.

  3. I knew this about him so left him behind a long time back.

    1. It's really such a shame. If only his attitude matched his music, which is so suave and smooth. Alas!


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