Friday, August 30, 2013

Jane Eyre musical - starring James Barbour

All right, I don't usually condone bootlegs, but what are you going to do when musicals are never, ever put on official DVD? So forgive me, but I don't care!

I am in LOVE with the musical of Jane Eyre. My heart sings along with the performers and I never once imagined being able to see it live. Until my darling, sweet sister found this one, lone person on Youtube who had posted almost the entire production!

I'm only on video 2, but am even deeper in love with it now than I was before, and when James Barbour's Rochester sings As Good as You, I literally forgot to breathe! My temperature totally ratcheted up a few notches!

So, watch, enjoy, bask in the glory of the Jane Eyre musical of 2000! May you love it as much as I!

1 comment:

  1. I love that musical. I'm sorry I never got to see it live. And yes, James Barbour has a magnificent voice.


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