Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poor Paula

Paula Deen used a racial slurr. In the past. Her entire life is unraveling before her eyes because she dared use the N word. In the past! Is this any reason for her to lose the entirety of her livelihood in one fell swoop because she at some point used a racial slurr?

What has happened to America?! I am in no way excusing Paula Deen, but the poor woman has already apologized countless times, broken down on national tv pleading for forgiveness and the world is unwilling to forgive. What about the insanity of the Martha Stewart scandal where she actually performed an illegal act with her finances? She spent her few paltry years in jail and is now back to publishing, baking, decorating, etc., being as popular as ever, totally forgiven by society. But you mention the possibility that someone used a racial slurr and they must be spurned by America at large? This is insanity at its highest level!

Paula Deen has done nothing ILLEGAL! She said something incredibly stupid, but the last time I checked, stupidity was not a crime. If it were, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would have been tossed in the slammer years ago! The woman is allowed her mistakes. If people were going to be perfectly honest about themselves, every single one of us has thought some unpleasant remark about someone from a different ethnicity! No exceptions!

And why? Because we're all sinners! Remember when Jesus informed the infuriated mob of ravenous Jews that anyone among them without sin could cast the first stone against the adulteress? You know what happened? The mob disbanded and everyone went home and the woman was forgiven by Jesus! We're all sinners!

This high and mighty protest against Paula Deen only proves to me how hypocritical American society is on the whole! They've blown this freakin' thing way out of proportion and I hope that someday, these people who say one ill word against her find their one error paraded on newspapers and television. Before we shake our finger at Paula's infinitesimal mistake, let's take a moment to remember our own and realize if we want to receive forgiveness, we should offer it!


  1. God forbid a white woman use a racial slur.

    Black men, can on the other hand, rap about hoes and bitches and use the n-word all they want.

  2. People forget that racism runs both ways. It's not just white folk that can be racist.

  3. Yup.

    Sadly, I think black racism (against Mexicans, in particular, but also whites) is even more rampant than white racism is against minorities.

  4. If The Closer and Major Crimes is any judge, then yes, there is a definite hatred between blacks and Latinos.

    I wonder why it is that whites are the ones always getting called on the racist carpet? We're just easier targets?

  5. Hypocritical society, for sure. Some of the insults I've been hearing against her are just as despicable - people mocking her for her weight, diabetes, being Southern, etc. The whole thing is ugly and disgraceful. I was offended by her racist remarks, but society dealing out "justice" with more slurs is just illogical, the stuff our enemies love to read about.

  6. Marian, my main issue with this hullabaloo is that this is a remark she made 27 years ago. That's a lifetime ago! No one is the same person they were 27 years ago! And it's certainly no reason to fire a person.

    I don't know, you give people the choice and they'll rip anyone to shreds. Poor woman, poor, poor woman. I was so proud of her for losing weight, for trying to eat healthy. She did so well, but now she's lost it all. No one deserves that, no one.

  7. Charity, if The Closer or Major Crimes are any judge, then yes, Hispanics and blacks really, really hate each other. Funny how you never hear about that type of racism.


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