Sunday, March 17, 2013

My first encounter with Hyde's music

Me: Ooh, looky! Hyde's music is on the library's free music download website! I didn't even know they had Japanese music, how cool!

*clicks link and finds several albums, starts salivating*

Me: I'll just pick any old album. So what if I've NEVER LISTENED TO HIS MUSIC BEFORE. I'm sure it's awesome, just like Gackt's introspective style, and I LOVE Gackt.

*goes into an album, and clicks the load button for the first song, hands clasped in girlish glee*

Me: What the HECK is this!?

*heavymetal blares from speakers set far louder than originally anticipated*

Me: HYDE! How could you!? Is there nothing in your repertoire worth my listening to, nothing at all?!

*clicks through song after song, the teeth-shattering heavymetal prevalent in each one*

Me: Ah, finally!

*Finds an album that says Jpop*

Me: Errr, this is NOT j-pop, but at least it's not heavymetal.

*head in hands*

Me: Yes, I must download at least a few of these songs. Maybe your style will grow on me.

*pulls up his picture and whimpers at it*

Me: Why heavymetal? And how the heck did you and Gackt ever become friends if your styles were THIS DIFFERENT?!

*presses the play button on my media player, determined to persevere*

Me: Ok, so hard rock's not as bad as heavy metal. I can do this. Hmm, not bad actually.

*finds foot tapping to the music, glances to make sure bedroom door is closed so the family doesn't think I'm stepping on the cat's tail*

Me: What I won't do for love!


  1. John:

    turn the damn music down, I'm trying to identify the 250 forms of tobacco ash. (If you don't, I'll microwave your favorite hash with the exploding eyeballs.

    - Sherlock

  2. Exploding eyeballs in the hash, eh, Sherlock? You should know that Mycroft gave me a photo of you as a child with green beans stuffed up your nose. I'm not afraid to post it on the blog for all to see. Don't mess with my music!

    - John

  3. John:

    Your taste in music sucks. So with that what you will.

    Now, come downstairs. Bring my laptop. Else, I'll hack and use yours.

    - Sherlock


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