Wednesday, August 1, 2012

11 Things Questionaire

This is being posted because of a nomination to The Lieber Award by buddy2blogger. I won't nominate anyone else or the chain will never end but here's my answers to the questions. :-)
11 things about myself
  1. I'm a 100% hardcore Disney girl.
  2. Running is a new passion in my life. It feels . . . wow, better than anything I've ever experienced.
  3. Macgyver was my very 1st crush.
  4. I played the piano amateurishly well until I gave it up as a teenager.
  5. Crocheting amigurumi (toys and stuffed critters) makes me happy.
  6. I have 6 copy paper boxes crammed full of Lord of the Rings action figures safely stowed in my basement.
  7. I've never managed to keep a journal successfully.
  8. I've performed on stage as Charlotte Lucas in a musical version of Pride & Prejudice.
  9. Frank Peretti and Stephen Bly are my top favorite Christian novelists.
  10. Hobbit feet are fun to wear out in public, especially when people aren't expecting them.
  11. Dislikes controversy of any kind.
Questions from Charity's Place:
  1. What has been your greatest moment in life so far? Probably walking down the carpet for my 2-year college degree. That was quite the wow moment.
  2. Who (other than your parents) has been a source of inspiration for you? My dear friend Lynn who I worked with 4 years and who managed to survive breast cancer. She is such an upbeat personality and such a strong Christian. I couldn't ask for a dearer woman to be a mentor to me.
  3. Are you an extrovert who loves partying and hanging out or more of an introverted person?*snort* Yeah right. Parties? I'd much rather stay home with a book or movie and avoid the torture. So introverted.
  4. Who is your favorite movie director and what is the latest movie of his/hers you have seen? Right now it's possibly Christopher Nolan but I'm also fond of Tim Burton despite the latter's weirdness. So we'll stick with Christopher Nolan and his most recent movie that I've seen is The Dark Knight Rises. Such a visually stunning film.
  5. What news channel/newspaper do you watch/read to get the latest news? It's probably off Century Link. That's where my email is, anyway, so I usually scan the articles.
  6. Name some of your favorite hobbies: Crocheting, paper-crafting, treadmilling.
  7. Has becoming a blogger had any impact on your life so far? If yes, in what way(s)? I suppose it helps me formulate my thoughts and opinions to my own satisfaction. And if those thoughts in any way give others new ideas then that makes me happy.
  8. Who is your favorite author(s)? I sort of answered this already but to pick one author it would probably be Frank Peretti. I've been reading his books since I was about eleven and they were the most marvelous and terrifying things I'd ever read. He's even publishing again after a 7 year absence. If you like spiritual and supernatural warfare then This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness will be right up your alley.
  9. If there was one thing you want to change about yourself, what would that be? I know it sounds petty but my weight. Which is what I'm working on so I'm already changing it.
  10. Which actor would you cast to play Sherlock Holmes and why? Er, please give me Nicholas Rowe. Please, please, please! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone and all the others but Nicholas Rowe was brilliant in the bizarre Young Sherlock Holmes from the 1980s and I'd love to see him take on the role seriously. Talk about a pipe dream.
  11. Do you believe in the existence of aliens and UFOs? Aliens, no. We're not living War of the Worlds. Maybe people on other planets living out an existence much like our own. It's possible God made more than one earth. Just possible.


  1. Nicholas Rowe, huh? I'm SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I tell you! ;)

    It's cool that you love to run. =)

  2. Finally, your comment system is working...

    Nicholas Rowe is a very interesting casting choice for SH.



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