Monday, December 19, 2011

An "Ugly Sweater" tribute to Michael Bublé

Look what I found at Gordman's today!
 For the uninformed, Michael Bublé is crazy about "ugly" Christmas sweaters, even though ugly is a relative term. But seriously, now. Who would have thought there would be a coffee brand name called "Ugly Sweater!" This is proof positive that you just never know what you might find!

So, Michael, if you stumble on this post (unlikely) in about 6 months or so this bag of coffee might make its way to you. Providing your agent is kind enough to forward it to you.

2 yorum:

  1. This made me laugh. ;D I am not among the Michael Buble fan club, but that is hilarious, Carissa! =)

  2. Isn't it awesome! I was just tickled when I found it! Although I might end up drinking the coffee and just sending him the bag since I don't think his agent would give him anything edible.


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