Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Lights

I get these fun little itches around the holidays that just have to be scratched. So, on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I decided it was time to hang those Christmas lights on the house. All while my parents were at work and only my sister was there to hold the ladder and hopefully keep me from tumbling to my death. Well, that's too dramatic since I actually spent most of the time up on the roof, leaning over the edge. It took only about 2 1/2 hours to get everything hung, and that's not even everything, but everything that requires me being on the roof. Whatever's left can wait for another day. But you know the really fun thing is that all of these lights on the roof are colored lights!


Because I can't get enough of colored Christmas lights! Oh sure, I know, the white drippy icicles on all the eaves in town are pretty and pure like snow. Maybe that's my problem! They're just too. . .white. It makes me think that I'm walking through a land of tinsel or something. Or maybe it's just the simple fact that those colored lights bring to mind Bing Crosby, Miracle on 34th Street, and the lights my grandmother had on her tree.

There's nothing wrong with white lights. For some people they will induce beautiful memories. For me, it's those humongous colored bulbs that make me think of a runway for Santa. You see, the last couple of years we haven't hung those lights on the house and it felt like something was missing. It probably sounds silly, but when I turn the corner to my house at night, and those lights have been switched on by a loved one, that's when it really feels like Christmas. It's the coming home that makes Christmas a celebration, the love we hold for one another, and the love Christ extended to us that first moment when He was born in a manger. Let's just say those gaudy Christmas bulbs strung on the outside of my house are the first step towards immense amounts of Christmas cheer! Plus, I didn't break my neck! *grins*

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  1. I'm very glad to hear you didn't break your neck! One simply cannot die before "The Hobbit" comes out -- that would be so unfortunate. ;)

  2. Too true! Fortunately I'm very careful when dealing with heights, as much as I love being up in trees or on roofs. I'm just going to pray that the Lord doesn't come back before both halves of "The Hobbit" are released! Would that be a selfish prayer?

  3. I love Christmas lights... but, I do prefer the white lights. Both the inside and outside of my house has white twinkle lights. Although the inside tends to be more decked out than indoors. =D

    It is always a good thing when you hang lights and don't fall. ;D

  4. Rissi, I've seen some very tastefully decorated houses in white and those I like. When done right they can be quite attractive and festive. Do you use white lights on your tree? Mine has white lights but I use all different colors for the ornaments.

    I'm sure most of it is just that the big colored lights remind me of an earlier time. My Dad calls them "vintage" and I'd have to agree. :D

  5. Yes, the tree at my house does have white lights save for the one in the office which is my creation of hot pink and teal, and purple - this year instead of "shoes" it has penguins on it. =D

    Our "main" tree is country themed this year so I have red, green and brown for ornament colors and then also have added a gorgeous shade of a warm blue - if you are familier with Stampin' Up!'s colors, I like to say it's "baja breeze." ;D

  6. I'm impressed you found so many penguins! I think we have two ornaments that are penguins on the downstairs tree. They're too cute.

    Your trees really sound lovely. I saw a tall, skinny tree this year that was done entirely in a cowboy motif and just loved it, so cool.

    I've thought of doing a theme but I know it would run expensively because it would be a Victorian tree. I have a few ornaments that would fit the era but nowhere near enough and I cringe at the thought of spending as much money as it would take to completely redo it. Maybe a little every year and in 10 years I can change the look.


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