Monday, April 18, 2016

When you feel like screaming, pray instead.

This last week has been something out of the black lagoon for my family. Literally.

But at the end of the day Monday, we all sat down in the living room and realized something. God is faithful always. In the good days. And in the bad days. But it's on those bad days when we really need to press in to His presence and own the blessings of peace that He bestows on His children.

Burned out trailer brakes on the first trip out of town don't matter.

A broken bolt that needs to be drilled out to replace the shocks in a car don't matter.

That moment when your sister realizes she accidentally turned in a rough draft as her final paper doesn't matter.

God is faithful in the good and the bad and the ugly.

Monday night, after all of the chaos had settled down, Caitlin shared her devotion for the day with the family, all about peace and trusting in the Lord no matter the circumstances. It was a GODthing.

We didn't do the entire week right. My parents admitted that they were short-tempered with people trying to help them with their new trailer. They faltered and they forgot that God is in control. They forgot to ask Him for wisdom, for patience, and for peace during the trial He placed them in.

But the thing they didn't see is that God has already grown them in their reaction to adversity than how they would have reacted 5 years ago. It is through these tests that our faith grows stronger, which is why we talk about it together, as a family unit, so we can examine and learn from our missteps.

Caitlin learned that perhaps she needs to step back when she's in a fervor to finish something where the deadline is still a few weeks out. Take a breath, calm down, revisit whatever it is the next day. And if something should implode, there has to be a reason for it. Maybe God's trying to teach her that her education, while important, is not the end-all, be-all of existence.

Her professor understood and is grading her finished paper instead of the rough draft.

That is grace, both from the professor and from the Lord.

Would God have still been good and gracious and compassionate had the circumstances turned out badly?

Yes, because God doesn't change.

How important is that A+ grade? How earth shattering would it have been to get a B-? What was in God's plan that included my parents taking a week of vacation and not being able to even use their new travel trailer?

This was a chance for all of us to reevaluate some of our priorities.

And it was a chance for me to realize that I need to let go and trust God with the people in my life. No matter how much I want to make everything better, right every wrong, it just doesn't work that way. Instead, as a coworker of mine gently and compassionately pointed out to me today, I need to step back and let God meet my family members where they are, in whatever way He needs to meet them and through whatever circumstances He allows to happen. And that includes my sister, who is so precious to me and who I hate to see hurting.

The lesson that I took away from this last week and some odd days?

When you feel like screaming, pray instead.

God bless! ❤


  1. Great reminder! I need to get better at crying out to God instead of screaming (even inwardly) in frustration. Thanks.


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