Saturday, January 30, 2016

Movie Review: Jack Frost (1998)

 Jack Frost (1998, PG)
starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston

The basics are these. Jack Frost is the character's name, and he heads up a fairly groovy musical band. He lives in Denver, which is somewhat hilarious because it doesn't look like Denver and I should know, has a wife and a son who he doesn't give nearly enough time to although he tries. Jack gets a big break with his band literally right before he and his family were headed up to their lodge for Christmas. He cancels on the family to do this gig, then decides his family is more important, heads up the mountain to join them and whamo, gets into an accident and no more Jack Frost.

It would be tragically sad if that was all, but no, of course not. Instead a year later his son, Charlie, is mournfully playing his father's old harmonica after having just built a snowman in the likeness of the late Jack Frost. And poof! Jack's spirit spirals into the snowman and insanity ensues.

There's some good bits and some bad bits and some just plain crazy bits. This is a movie about a living snowman. What else were you expecting?

❤ The Good Bits ❤

Michael Keaton. I don't really watch the old Batman movies anymore, but I did enjoy them for quite a few years, mostly because Michael Keaton solidly fit the role of Bruce Wayne. He just has one of those nice faces, if you know what I mean. Kind of warm and comfortable and welcoming, like a fireplace after being out in the cold all day. If they'd had Keaton in the film more than just 30 minutes, I would have LOVED it, but as you can tell, the snowman is still a snowman and even though Keaton voices him, it's not enough.

There's some really endearing moments of father/son relational development. Jack Frost is getting a second chance to be a good father to Charlie and he's taking. That's really the only reason he came back since he was pretty much always a good husband to his wife. But with Charlie, he just wasn't always there, like promising to teach his son a hockey move and then not being able to work it into his schedule. Those types of moments build up over time and create a sense of abandonment, so it was nice to see Jack and Charlie mend bridges, as it were, and for their relationship to develop. Even though it was as son and snowman.

❤ The Not So Good Bits ❤

I think this film really could have shone if they'd taken it another direction. Like not in the mystical snowman with Michael Keaton's voice direction. Because, let's be honest, here, that's a little creepy! Am I the only one who thinks that? While it was just about Jack and his family, I really loved the movie, but then it got odd. Such a waste of a potentially movie and really good actors.

There's a little bit of innuendo. Snowman Jack goes on and on sometimes about his cold "balls" meaning the fact that he's, well, made out of snow that's been rolled into balls. One joke was plenty, but I think there were at least 3. From what I remember.

I think in the end, if you like movies that are somewhat like The Santa Clause then you'll probably enjoy Jack Frost. It is a family-friendly movie, like Dennis the Menace or The Santa Clause. Fun at times, fairly stupid at other times, but also with occasional heart-warming moments thrown in for good measure, just to remind you that you don't actually hate this movie.

Has anyone ever seen it? What were your thoughts?


  1. Haven't seen it, never really wanted to see it, but I do love Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom, and if you've never seen that, I think you should :-)

    1. Yes, it did have its moments, but overall was very silly. I may look up Mr. Mom and see what's what. Thanks for the recommendation!


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