Sunday, July 26, 2015

Moving all of my book reviews to a new blog!

So, I've done something almost unthinkable, but also something I've meant to do for a year.

I've split this blog into 2 blogs with the other one named Bookshelves and Daydreams. I feel a little bit . . . strange having done this because change doesn't come easily for me. But I think in the long run, and probably the short run, this will streamline my blog posts in a way easiest for you, my readers.

Honestly, I hesitated to post book tags or participate in giveaways or write too many book reviews because I didn't want to irk some of my readers with too many "book related" posts. That will no longer be the case and so I can post about books, upcoming or classic, as often as I like for those of my readers who enjoy my book reviews and would like to see more of that ilk! So I'm finally, as I write this, letting some excitement start to flow.

I consider myself something of a Dustfinger lover from Inkheart and I thought of him a bit while making this change because he is so unrelentingly adverse to change. He never truly adapted to our world even after living in it for 10 years. Even though my beloved Dustfinger never overcomes his longing for the Inkworld, it doesn't mean I have to stick with the sameness of having just a single blog. Of course, if I were him and could manipulate fire into flower petals while in the Inkworld, I doubt I would be entirely pleased at being uprooted to our sad, ordinary world. No, not at all, and it is because I long to write posts about favorite literary characters, like Dustfinger, participate in read-alongs, be involved in giveaways, that I absolutely must do this split.

In fact, the split is already done. If you look back through my posts on this blog, you will find that all of the book reviews are gone. They have now migrated over to Bookshelves and Daydreams, and so it will be from this point onward. For those of you still interested in reading about faith related posts, movies, my personal life, and any ISFJ posts that I may have written in the past, feel free to continue reading this blog. I won't stop updating Musings of an Introvert, I promise. Different doesn't translate into bad, only a new chapter. Who would read books at all if there was no climax and the characters never learned anything? I am in the midst of my learning.

So I encourage you, if you have enjoyed my book reviews and would like to see more of them and other things regarding books as well, then hop on over to Bookshelves and Daydreams. Also, if you ever misplace this new blog link, just look over into my sidebar and you'll find a photo link to it, right under my profile.

Thanks again, everyone for all of your support, and I'm sure we'll go through many more years of blogging together.


  1. Good luck with your new book blog. :)

    1. I anticipate slow going with little response for the first few years, but that's okay. I'll build up readers over time and it least this way I can mold Musings the way I want it to be and not crowd it with book stuff. :)

  2. You know, once I started up The Edge of the Precipice and quit posting book reviews on Hamlette's Soliloquy, I got more traffic on both blogs. The sharp focus on books for one, and the tighter focus on movies for the other got more people interested, maybe? That and I started participating in more book-related and movie-related memes, blog events, etc. So maybe it will work that way for you too! Anyway, I'm following your new blog. (And, being adverse to change myself, it took me months to finally decide to create a books-only blog too.)

    1. That's what I'm hoping for, too. It's not that I don't like writing about books, but it just felt awkward doing that on this blog. And the more involved I get in the reading community, the more followers will latch on. It'll just take a bit of time, but it's good I'm prepared for that. Actually, it'll help me find my voice for Bookshelves and Daydreams, letting me play around a bit, before I have a ton of followers. That will be fun.

      I've actually had the blog for months and done nothing with it because I just wasn't sure! Great minds work in the same way, it seems! And I deeply appreciate your support in following me. It helps having a friend who does so much with her reading blog. You'll inspire me! :)

  3. Aha, I already wondered why some of the post I clicked on from my Blogger Friends list where 'missing'. I'll definitely follow your new book blog!


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