Thursday, March 13, 2014

Veronica Mars is back!

I discovered Veronica Mars after the fact, probably in 2008 if memory serves me right, just as the show ended in flames of glory. I feel for the pain of the fans because I've been there, done that with Moonlight. I remember sending out postcards, emailing and calling networks, hoping against hope that someone would pick up the coolest vampire show in the history of television. Alas, it was not meant to be, and Moonlight fans are left with only our fond memories and the all-too short 1st season of 16 episodes. I suppose I should be grateful since not even Firefly, another fantastic show, had that many episodes. The Unusuals with Jeremy Renner was cursed with only 10, so 16 episodes feels like a winner.

But enough about my fandoms and on to the one fandom that is actually getting a second chance. The Veronica Mars fans, or Marshmallows as they've termed themselves, have done something remarkable. In a massive Kickstarter campaign that could revolutionize the film industry, the Marshmallows raised a whopping 5.7 million dollars to fund the Veronica Mars movie. I know, in terms of real money, 5.7 million is chump change, but with the show's director and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) backing the project 110%, the impossible became reality. And the fans have their movie.

The Veronica Mars Movie is a chance, that 1 in a million chance, for fans to revisit a fandom they miss. Like when Joss Whedon filmed Serenity except this time it's totally fan-funded. Take a look at the trailer. If you've never seen the show, the relationships and drama will make no sense. Like Veronica and Logan having once been an item until he cheated on her. Like Dick Casablancas being the biggest jackass at Neptune High. You won't recognize Mac or Leo or Veronica's dad, Keith Mars. And if there's any references to Lily Kane's murder or Veronica's rape, consider yourself clueless. And you sure won't feel the stuttering heart palpitations at the prospect of Veronica and Logan maybe, finally, making their quirky and dysfunctional relationship work. If you're not a Marshmallow, or a semi-fan like me, you won't get it.

Which is why I'm urging you to try the show.  If you've got an Amazon Prime account, all 3 seasons are ready and waiting for you, free of charge. Your local library also has the show, probably with an insanely long holds list, but they've got it. It's a fun and whacky P.I. program about a modern-day Nancy Drew who gets herself into all sorts of trouble. It's got innuendo and probably too much sex in seasons 2 and 3, but the 1st season is brilliant, by far the best of the series, so if you go no farther than the 1st season, that's probably enough. But it's worth it.

Logan, after his startling first kiss with Veronica, a girl he thought he hated.

Oh, and yes, the main reason behind my love/hate relationship with Logan Echolls is Jason Dohring. Under ordinary circumstances, I probably would hate Logan, but I just can't because it's Jason. For those happy few that remember Moonlight, you know what I'm talking about. It's a shame that the networks crumple up all of Jason's shows like they were used tissues and slam dunk them into the trash can. He deserves better than that, and I, for one, am ecstatic at the prospect of seeing him on the big screen. Even if it means driving an hour to get to a theater that's actually showing it. At least I'll be in good company, with who knows how many droves of Marshmallows filling the seats. At least, I hope they'll be filling the seats. Because if I, a semi-fan, plan to go opening weekend, than all those funding Marshmallows had better put in an appearance!


  1. If you can't find a theater showing it (funnily enough, all my regular ones are!), you can rent and stream it for $6 on Amazon's Instant Video (which I think is a BRILLIANT idea -- I wish more movies would do that; I'd love to catch more of them and stay at home while doing it!).

    1. If Lizzie and I weren't going together, I would have definitely rented it. It's a great idea to release movies this way, but I also see why most films don't do it that way. They make more money on individual tickets than a $6 rental fee where the entire family can sit down and watch it. Sadly, I doubt it'll be a new trend with Hollywood, even though I wish it were!


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