Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbatch introverts?

Are Daniel and Benedict introverts?

Why are people asking me if Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig are introverts? So funny!

To hazard a guess, I would say yes to Daniel Craig, at least, he's a very strong Se/Ni user. With that focused stare he couldn't be anything else. So, if those are his top functions, the order in which they place determine what he is, either an extrovert or an introvert. But again, I don't know.

As for Benedict, no, I don't think he's an introvert, plus he is probably a Fe user because of the facial expressions he throws out there for the camera and the way he can react to anything and everything in the blink of an eye. Plus, whenever you see him, he seems to have boundless energy. So, no, probably not an introvert.

Charity, if you care to hazard a guess on their personality types specifically, be my guest! *smiles*


  1. Everyone thinks Benedict is an INFJ. I don't.

    I agree that he uses Fe (so animated and expressive), but visual typing seems to indicate ENTP -- he's got the frown most of the time and has the monotone voice that accompanies thinkers. His eyes wander around the room a lot when he's talking to people and avoids making eye contact for very long -- that's Si-Ne or Ne-Si. If he had that cheerful demeanor that Gatiss has, I'd say SFJ, but since he doesn't -- NTP of some kind.

    Focused stares are Se-Ni/Ni-Se dominants rather than indicative of Fi. I've never seen Craig in an interview but he has a really serious countenance, very severe -- my guess? STP or NTJ.

    1. No, I don't see Ben as an INFJ either. He doesn't act like Will Graham, at least.

      Hahaha, I can see him as an ENTP. They are probably one of the most entertaining yet irksome types ever, so much fun to know!

      So, a stare indicates something entirely different than I thought. Oops! It's possible that Craig is a great actor and that his behavior in interviews is totally different than what audiences see on the screen. It's just that his face never moves much. He is always collected and calm, his voice on an even keel, sort of like how Jason Dohring always delivers a solid performance in everything he's been in. Don't ask me what that might possibly mean, but I'm sure it means something.

      Thanks for jumping in with some possible types! You're awesome!

    2. I think both Martin and Benedict are ENTPs, which... explains a lot about why they get on so well (and both are either goofing off or looking serious!).

      So his face never moves much, huh? NTJ, then? A serious demeanor usually means either a Ti-or-Te in the top two functions, but if he's non-expressive, it's likely Te-Fi. I/ENTJ.

    3. Daniel Craig's face is pretty much etched in stone. His eyes reflect emotion, but not any of his facial movements. He's remarkable to watch for that very reason. It sounds like he is an ENTJ then, and I suppose that does make perfect sense. I really should watch an interview with him and see what he's like in real life.


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