Saturday, October 5, 2013

Femnista (Sept/Oct 2013) - Literary Villains

So, I ran out of time to participate in this issue of Femnista. But the articles are all tres magnifique. Who doesn't love reading about their favorite villain? I have very few that I truly, truly despise. Grandcourt from Daniel Deronda is an exception to that rule, but he is sadly absent from this issue. It would be hard to write for a true scumbag.

I particularly like Tasha's article on Lady de Winter from The Three Musketeers. Maybe I'll even track down the new film version, even though I'm insanely fond of the one with Gene Kelly. *winks*

And don't miss Charity's article on Hannibal Lecter. As someone who has watched a couple of episodes from the show, I agree that it is both chilling and riveting because he is the most terrifying villain to ever encounter. He has no motive. It makes me think of Alfred's remark in The Dark Knight, "Some men just want to watch the world burn."

Read away, my friends, and I will be back in the Halloween issue with an article on the brilliance of Matt Damon's Elysium!


  1. When you limit yourself to ONE villain as I have to, you wind up not being able to write about people like Grandcourt... or Frollo... or Javert... but it would have been wrong to leave out Hannibal, so that's who I wound up writing for! :)

    The new Three Musketeers movie is soooo stupid. But it's a fun watch. Orlando Bloom was having the time of his life being a mustache-twirling villain.

    1. Writing for Hannibal was a great choice. I think sometimes it's best to write about something new and popular. It garners genuine interest in what you have to say, and that's always nice.

      Orlando as a mustache-twirling villain? Must see!

    2. Writing about something popular makes our hits go way up. Featuring Sherlock/John and Spock/Kirk in our summer issue got us about 600 more readers than usual.

    3. There you have it. That's why I picked Elysium for this next issue, because it's current. I actually have it written, I just need to send it to you. :)


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