Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is Chris Christie thinking?

A wolf in sheep's clothing!
I'm starting to think we need to simply start over with the Republican Party. Force all the fakers to start their own freakin' party and leave ours alone. Me? Angry? Never.

What is going through Governor Christie's mind right now? Did the liberals have a gun pressed against the back of his skull to get him to sign that bill? Probably not. For the uninformed, this bill outlaws the rights of parents to take their children under 18 with unwanted homosexual desires to a counselor. Outlaws the rights of parents to train up their children. I know the government is power hungry, but I never imagined it was this bad, and I certainly never imagined this type of law being signed into existence by a so-called REPUBLICAN!

Actually, this bill is amazingly time-appropriate. Especially considering my last post about the confusion between sexual attraction and mere attraction. You would think Christie was out to prove my point about the insanity of the world regarding sexual attraction.

So, what do we think about homosexuality and children? Is it wrong to force therapy on your kids? What if your child has been in a car accident? Or what if your kid has been sexually abused by a peer? What if your kid's grades are slipping? What if you and your spouse are getting a divorce? All of these are viable reasons for getting your child therapy. Up until now there hasn't been any question about the parent being able to choose the counselor for their child, be it a secular counselor or a religious one. Why? Because it is the parent's filial right to choose a counselor for their child, to help them in their development and help them deal with their fears and troubles.

How is homosexuality any different? I mean, seriously, what do the liberals think these parents are going to do to their kids? Electro-shock therapy? Lobotomy? Cut off their sexual organs? What? Kids in this day and age are confused because there is no longer a line between right and wrong. We took that line away when we removed prayer from school and legalized abortion nationwide. Kids are conflicted about how they should feel about certain things. They need someone to tell them the basics of sexual attraction and that just because you like someone of the same sex doesn't mean you like them.

Let's say little Johnny's friend Curtis tells him he likes him and even kisses him before Johnny can pull away. And Johnny is confused and isn't sure if he really likes that or not. So, he tells Mommy what happened and she does . . . nothing. Absolutely nothing. He'll figure it out on his own, she says, because it's perfectly acceptable for him to have these feelings because they're totally normal.

No, Curtis is a bully. He's planting ideas in Johnny's head and making him uncomfortable, but no one is willing to help him so Johnny starts believing he is gay and before you know it he is gay. And that's the end of the story because his parents have been trained to think they can't interfere with Johnny's sexuality.

Oh, my gosh, what has happened to America? Governor Chris Christie is making me physically sick which is actually a good thing because I know it's doing the same thing for other Republicans and his chances of reelection are now nill. But what good does that do for the families that are going to be affected by this bill? I'm comforted to know that there is undoubtedly a special level of hell reserved for this man. Even if the bill wasn't his idea (and it may not have been), he signed it into law and that makes him responsible. We have a hit a new milestone, a Republican governor signing in bills that restrict the rights of conservative parents.

May the Lord grant me a forgiving spirit because right now I want to boil his hide in oil.


  1. Putting aside the moral implications...

    Um... how is this going to be enforced? Does he expect shrinks just to not accept such cases? A buck is a buck. What about after four months of therapy and the kid brings it up? Do you shove them out the door and wave their $100 an hour fee? Are shrinks supposed to report their clients or their clients' parents? Can't do it. Doctor-patient, you know. Stupid law. No way to enforce it.

    1. You raise an excellent point Why would we sign into law something that cannot be enforced? Lunacy!


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