Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Castle (5.17)

~ No Serious Spoilers ~

My first thought with episode 5.17 Scared to Death was "Oh, Castle," and then some serious moments of chortling.

Why, you ask?

Because only Castle would believe that because he watched the same DVD that a murdered woman watched, and because that DVD says that in three days time, at midnight, the viewer would die, that his fate is sealed too!

Castle, come on, you're endearingly crazy, but you can't be that crazy!

Episodes of any show dealing with the occult tend to either: A) Terrify me because they're too close to the truth or B) Crack me up because they're so far from the truth.

This episode falls into the latter category, shoved there by an unfortunate stealing of a famous line from The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser, "Death is only the beginning."

Sorry, couldn't help laughing!

Don't have your serial killer quoting a mummy, just . . . don't.

Oh, by the way, characters in a television show never visit an insane asylum on sunny, cloudless days. It's always at night, with lightning splitting the sky, and ominous backlighting. One could almost hear the music of Psycho playing in the background, and not in a good way.

Castle scratching things off his bucket list, particularly his compulsion to unburden himself of little white lies to Becket, was awesome! Her vase just maybe didn't break by accident! You do funny things when you think you only have a few days left to live because you watched the wrong DVD.

If a cell phone is going to cut out, it will do so during a crucial point in the conversation.

Ryan reaffirms his fear of the Chucky movies.

Wes Craven fans are going to be ecastic.

And finally, kudos to Castle writers for not using the occult as an excuse to terrify their audience.  One of this show's strengths is its ability to not take itself too seriously. My heart and I thank you. Also accept my gratitude for tolerable sexual innuendo only, and very few actual sex scenes.


  1. Is Castle bad with the smut this season? I never got past the first episode.

  2. Actually, the worst episodes were the very first ones. Now they kind of leave you at the bedroom door, which is awesome.

    Now watch! Next week will be a smutty one!

  3. Isn't that how it always works? You spend ages convincing someone to watch this show, and the week they tune in, it's either cheesy, terrible, or smutty! =D


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