Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Castle (5.12)

~ One Spoiler & A Slight Rant ~

Ok, this is just sad. I see two seconds of the cameraman on 5.12 Death Gone Crazy, and immediately recognize him as Bug Boy from the 2nd episode of Smallville! The guy is, what, 12 years older now? He even has a goatee/beard thingy and short hair compared to clean-shaven and longish hair, and I still recognized him! Why can't I remember pertinent details in my life, like needing to attend a committee meeting!? Bug Boy is unimportant! ARGH!

I love Castle, but I had a serious moment of hating on the writers when they accused a protest group of trying to "push" a conservative agenda on the media.

In comparison to what, the liberal agenda the media already pushes?

Plus, this same group burns effigies and breaks windows. Hence the promoting of the oh-so popular image of conservative Christians as right-wing lunatics who will stab you with a stake and throw holy water in your face.

Thankfully, and this is a spoiler, the conservative protestor is NOT guilty of murder. In fact, Castle defends him as a fellow father at the end, which made me silently applaud him. Castle's heart-to-heart with Alexis was touching too.

The Vito Corleone comment got a smile out of me.

Eh, a little sexual innuendo, more than I like, this time coming from Ryan as an apology to Esposito.

Still, what can you expect from an episode about an adult video company called College Girls Gone Crazy?

Now that they've got that out of their system, the writers can move on.


  1. Dude. I still recognize actors from Smallville.

    When you got it really bad, you also notice WRITERS and PRODUCERS. =D

  2. This show is awesome. What more can be said!?


  3. Hmm, not sure I've ever noticed the writer for Smallville, although if a name popped up, I might recognize it.

    Like . . . Christopher Heyerdahl being in the two-parter! ;)

    Agreed, Rissi. It is awesome, flaws, warts and all.

  4. Kevin Williamson used to write a LOT of Smallville episodes (most of the good ones, matter of fact) so I notice whenever his name pops up as a producer or writer on another CW show.

    Mmm, Christopher. I love you, dude.

  5. Guess I need to add "Castle" to my ever growing list of shows to check out!


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