Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spider-man re-invented!

So, it's a torrential downpour at home right now and started just as Caitlin and I safely pulled into the garage after sitting in a dark and lovely theater for 2 1/2 hours watching The Amazing Spider-man. Whoo, that was a loud thunderclap!

Turns out that Spidey isn't my favorite super-hero nor is he Caitlin's. I'm afraid he doesn't even really make it halfway up the list. That said, my lack of fascination for Peter Parker had nothing to do with Andrew Garfield, who I really loved in the role. I like Tobey Maguire fine. At least I never disliked him as many did nor did I ever love him as his large fanbase does. He was just . . . okay. If I were to pick a favorite Spider-man though, it would be Andrew. He's more approachable and wears the geek-genius look so very convincingly. Plus, and yes I am this easily impressed, Andrew is British. Which immediately made me think of Doctor Who and how he reminded me so much of the endearingly goofy Matt Smith. So yes, Andrew won me over just by being British and so very, very much fun.

On a darker note, this film focuses strongly on the vigilante efforts of Spider-man. I think Tobey's Spidey did something of the same at the beginning but for whatever reason I get the feeling that this new reincarnation is far more reckless and therefore dangerous. Which I suppose could be a great start to his personality. As we all know because it's Spider-man canon, Peter's Uncle Ben dies in part because of a decision by Peter. Guilt assaults him and he becomes reckless and angry in tracking down the culprit. We can somewhat forgive this impulsiveness because Peter is only a 17-year-old kid in this movie and he is basically a good guy at heart. He's just hurting and when you're a superhero and you hurt, you can cause a lot of damage.

There was only 1 villain which I found refreshing and he's one of those kinds that you can somewhat sympathize with. You know, only half evil and that was only through extenuating circumstances. The story is pretty tight but it still had moments that had me, unfortunately, yawning. I like to understand why Spider-man is having to rescue a child from a car hanging off a bridge. Some of it was a little cliched, like when Peter zaps Gwen (there is no MJ) with his webbing and pulls her in for their first kiss. Of course, that was also cool because it meant she knew who he was. No hiding that Spider-man and Peter Parker are one and the same. That concept gets old fast so I'm glad this new franchise isn't going down the same path as its predecessor.

I won't write an entire dialogue rehashing the plot in a play-by-play. The Amazing Spider-man is fun and a good way to spend the afternoon. It's not nearly as scary as some of the other super-hero films out there *cough, The Avengers, cough* so I wasn't as troubled by parents having their three-year-olds with them in the theater. I wish I was more a fan of the franchise then I am but I will keep watching the movies because they're fun and I really hope they do make more because Andrew Garfield has the most awesome grin on that skinny face of his.


  1. Andrew was IN "Doctor Who," you know. I don't even remember him, which shows how much I don't pay attention. =P

    I liked it fine, thought it was rather unspectacular in the sense that there was nothing new here we haven't seen before. But then, I think I am sliding out of my "comic book movies" phase.

  2. I enjoyed this, and I think the new franchise team has potential...but I still prefer the Raimi/Maguire trilogy.

  3. Charity: It's been so long since I've watched the Martha season of Doctor Who that I did recognize him at all. Now I'll have to watch those episodes again.

    Caitlin said it was another birth story the same as the other set and you're both right. It's kind of disappointing actually, although I liked that the webbing didn't come from him but from a gadget he made. That was kinda cool!

    Ruth: Yes, they do have potential but I'll be more interested when the next movie isn't about how he becomes Spider-man. We've seen that before so I'm excited at the prospect of something new. The movie did make me want to watch the originals again, though!

  4. I need to rewatch Doctor Who. Give me something to do while I wait for the new season. =P

    I almost think it would have been fun had this Spider-man not done an origins story, just leapt into the middle of Peter's life as a super hero! =)


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