Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tebowing to New York

I'm not ashamed to say that there are certain ball players that I truly admire and respect. I loved Ed McCaffrey who was one of the best wide receivers the Broncos ever had and a dedicated Catholic. Jason Elam was my hero in terms of kickers and he is a Christian. I grieved when they left the Broncos, either for retirement or another team. But nothing, no loss of any Broncos team member, grieves my heart like the loss of Tim Tebow. For those who don't know, which I can't imagine how you wouldn't, Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets. I haven't shed a single tear yet, but I've been fighting back anger for the last day and a half over this trade. I ask myself why? He's just another quarterback rookie. He's a decent player, not the best, at least not yet, so why would I feel this loss so keenly, just like so many other fans?

Because Tim Tebow isn't just a football player.

You know when you hear a certain pastor speak for the first time and you look at them with the spiritual eye and you know that they are ordained by God. I've experienced this once or twice in my life including my current pastor. With Tebow it's just like that. Now, he's not a minister, but that man, at every game, got down on his knees and he prayed for wisdom and for guidance and for the ability to accept the outcome of the game, good or bad. Before the eyes of millions of people, he prayed to his Savior for discernment. He isn't just a ball player.

With Tim Tebow on the team for the Denver Broncos, I could be proud of them again. I could watch a game and not really care all that much about the outcome because I knew that at least Tebow would be out on the field playing his hardest and giving glory to God.

So what happens?

John Elway decides Tebow isn't good enough and he trades him to the New York Jets. So now, as I'm writing this, I'm finally crying. It feels like such a horrendous loss to me. Almost like my heart has been ripped open. I know Peyton Manning is a good player. I know that, in my heart of hearts, but I don't want him. I want the bright, smiling face of Tim Tebow in our stadium, on our team, playing to the glory of God.

I know it sounds crazy, to be this emotional over a football player. But I know something the sports commentators and John Elway and all the other unsaved people in the sports world don't know. We won all those games last year not based on luck, but because God heard Tebow's prayers. No one has that much luck! Let's say that Tebow really is only a mediocre quarterback. I don't know, he might be. How, then, could the Broncos win enough games to get into the playoffs with such a horrible team? It was God. That's the only answer I can arrive it.

I'm going to miss him. New York is a big and a dangerous city with temptations around every corner. I don't want to see him fall and so for as long as that man plays football, regardless of what team he is on, I'm praying that God will lift him up. As for myself, I'm praying that God keeps me from bitterness. I need to still watch the Broncos play and not hate Peyton Manning for coming to my team and kicking Tim Tebow off of it. You're always supposed to love your team, in good times and bad, so that is my prayer for myself. And for Tim, well I can only believe that God is calling him to New York. Why else would this happen, but that it's in God's perfect plan. He gave us a great year and a lot of memories and I will always remember cheering on the sidelines at the one Broncos game I ever attended and watching Tebow play against the Jets.


  1. I have a lot to say on this topic, but I'll try and keep it short.

    My opinion is that John Elway is jealous of Tebow and got rid of him for that reason alone. Let's face it: since Elway retired, the Broncos have done very poorly. His legacy stood until this young, talented, deeply charismatic and spiritual new quarterback arrived and started doing things that made everyone else look bad. Like taking a crippled veteran as his date to a ball instead of a super model. Like visiting kids with cancer in hospitals.

    Trading a fresh new player like Tebow out, who could be trained further and lead a team for another 15 years, and bringing Manning in, a man near retirement age with a lot of injuries, is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life -- it is so illogical that the only reason can be that they don't want Tebow, or his outspoken religion, anywhere near the Broncos. And for that, I suspect, they will suffer.

    Why? Because a lot of Christians feel like you do. They don't give a rip about the Broncos, and are not going to get giddy over Manning. They will follow Tebow's career with interest, and root for him no matter where he plays.

    But... maybe Denver was not the place for Tebow. Maybe God wants him somewhere else. Maybe he was the Bronco's chance to change, and they said "no." But if nothing else, he is a vividly painted sign of just how much Christianity is abhorred among the media and the elite in this country.

    And, sadly, he has made me lose whatever fondness I may have ever had for John Elway. Guess what, John. People don't remember you. You were not that important. But they will remember Tebow.

  2. John Elway. I agree with you. I never thought of him as being that petulant before but my opinion of him has dipped since the trading of Tebow.

    I'm calmer now, probably because I deliberately turned my mind towards other things like "The Hunger Games." Anything to keep me from getting all heated over something which I couldn't change. Don't get me wrong. I'm still ticked. But I'm trying to remember to pray for Tebow and that keeps the sense of injustice to a minimum. It helps.

    I'm amazed you are so aware of Elway and Tebow since I know you're not a sports fan. You made me feel better, knowing that you cared!


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