Saturday, June 4, 2011

JDrama - Flower Shop Without Roses

Flower Shop Without Roses
My newest Jdrama is called Flower Shop Without Roses and the main character is a single father. Mom died in childbirth and he's had to raise his daughter alone. Which he does, gladly, because he adores her. But you can see the emptiness and loneliness in his eyes. That loneliness is made even worse when his 6-year-old daughter starts wearing a mask, both around the house, and at school. She says it's because she loves this particular puppet master that her mask is based off. The real issue is that she doesn't want to cause her father pain. This sweet child looks so much like her mother. And as dearly as Eiji loves his daughter, he can't easily hide the sadness he feels when he sees her mother's face looking at him out of Shizuku's eyes. She knows this and so she wears the mask to spare her father more pain.

How does it feel to be a single parent? Which is easier? To be a single mom or a single dad? What does it feel like to raise a child when your spouse is dead? I don't know the answer. All I know is that I see the struggle in Eiji's eyes. There are times when I almost feel like he could give up, if not for his daughter. When he looks at her, the world becomes a little brighter. Needless to say, Eiji finds the right words to help his daughter understand that as much as it might pain him to see how she resembles her mom, it hurts more to not see her face. I was so proud of him for finding just the right story for just the right moment to help her understand.

I'm almost afraid to finish the drama. I'm 4 episodes in and it's been about a week since I've watched the show. I just, I have this suspicion that his heart might get broken again. Let's just say that his wife's father is being a menace and meddling in other people's affairs. A new woman has entered Eiji's life, a blind lady who he genuinely likes, but she's not what she seems. Not all of these dramas end well and some tend to decline over the last two episodes. So I'm reticent to risk it, at least right away. Now watch, having posted about it I'll have to finish the show. All I know is that this isn't my typical Jdrama (yes, apparently, I have a "type" and that "type" is high school drama) but it's about as inspiring as The Wallflower, which made me cry more than I ever imagined. There were dozens of damp tissues over that show. So I shall persevere and not let the fear of a sad ending keep my from finishing Flower Shop Without Roses.

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